Martinique: Bobi’s humor, from social networks to the comic scene

This evening, Wednesday, November 9, on the stage of the Atrium in Fort-de-France, laughter is on display with the show “We will get out of it”, by Bobi. If you are used to social networks such as instagram, Facebook or even Tik Tok, the name speaks to you. But for those who aren’t, word of mouth has worked. The young man is known throughout the French West Indies and the diaspora, in particular in mainland France, since he will also perform on December 17 in Guadeloupe, December 23 in Guyana and January 29 at La Cigale in Paris.

A progressive success which is maintained. But, behind the videos, Bobi, born Jacob Petigas, reveals himself to be a monster of work and rigor. “It was in 2007 that I made my first parody, to promote parties. The real adventure began after my baccalaureate, in 2010, with my first pills. I had the choice between going to an audiovisual school or going to work at the Chronoprod production studio.. Coming from a disadvantaged background, being paid appealed to me. The stable situation, with real stamps, starts from 2015,” he recalls.

A mini-series broadcast on the ViaTV channel

Because he had to show perseverance in the face of an entourage that did not always encourage him or follow him. “I had a voice inside of me telling me I had to keep going. And then, when I really did research on audiovisual methods, work tools, it was a way to prove that I would get there, by dint of determination and hard work. There was not the ease offered by current social networks… At the time, I was broadcasting on MSN and by contact. The work was tedious but I was determined. Now, when you post a video, it can happen that in one day you get more than 100,000 views…”

Bobi is meticulous, not to say a perfectionist… “I try to do my best to get quality work,” he explains. “I spend a lot of time on the screens, even too much. But these are my working tools. Depending on how I approach my videos, there will be research, soundtracks, sound effects. We are going to work on the scenarios to convey messages. You can never predict what I will post. Besides, after the creation, I spend hours doing the editing. I find it difficult to delegate this part: you have to feel the stuff, place the sound effects at the right times, the zooms”.

He lands a partnership with a local travel agency to shoot a mini-series in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, currently airing on ViaATV, a local television channel. “This mini-series sums up my state of mind and my life. When I contacted the travel agency, it was just a matter of paying for a trip for my birthday. As the discussion progressed, I told myself that a partnership would be possible and one thing leading to another, the agency took me at my word. The appointment was set for the next day. In the end, they are 6 to be able to make the trip.

A show based on the positive attitude

“It was really in fashion one life (one life) hence the title of the series, Bobi one life. The date was close, we hadn’t planned anything. My director Chris Burton was able to give the editing of the series an incredible rendering because we started out really understaffed. It’s a pilot season to show what we are capable of…” A sequel would be on the right track.

And for the tour that is just starting, which is precisely titled “We’re going to get out of it”, it’s a question of sharing the stage with guests, who will change according to each territory. Around topical themes, relationships of all kinds, violence, culture, the comedian explains that the show reflects his state of mind based on a positive attitude. “Don’t let it get you down, don’t victimize yourself, raise your head and fight, because times are tough, but we’ll get through it…”, he concludes.

Martinique: Bobi’s humor, from social networks to the comic scene