Massacres of September 28, 2009: “we demand that it be a real trial, and not a travesty of justice”, says Me Alpha Amadou DS Bah of the OGDH

The trial of the massacres of September 28, 2009 at the Conakry stadium could start in Guinea on September 26 next. This date has yet to be validated by the Steering Committee for the organization of the said trial, but the progress made in recent months in the preparation of this event suggests that the kick-off of this trial will be given before the end of this month. . Construction work on the building to house this trial has already been completed. And, today, we are in a phase of furnishing this building composed (among others) of three courtrooms.

Also, magistrates have already been pre-selected for capacity building training as part of this trial. These magistrates are said to have started their training this week.

In view of all these acts which materialize the will of the authorities to hold the trial of September 28, 2009, Me Alpha Amadou DS Bah, vice-president of the OGDH and civil party in this file, considers the date of next September 26 to be tenable. “if all arrangements are made” to complete the final adjustments. But, in this interview he gave to this Wednesday, September 7, 2022, this human rights defender also specified that the victims and their families demand “a real trial, and not a travesty of justice” to evacuate this case.

Me Alpha Amadou DS Bah, vice-president of the OGDH

“We believe that, if arrangements are made, it is quite possible that the trial will be held on September 26; especially since the final adjustments have already been finalized. All that remains is the installation of furniture at the level of the building to house the trial. So, for us, if all the stages of the preparation are observed, it is possible to hold the trial on the date indicated and to respect a fair and equitable trial. In any case, we demand that it be a real trial, and not a travesty of justice. So, we think that the government has taken all the measure of its responsibility to organize this trial”, indicated Me Alpha Amadou DS Bah.

Despite the significant progress made in the organization of this trial, many observers (including lawyers for certain parties in this case) believe that the date of September 26 is not tenable for a fair and impartial trial of these massacres. But, for the vice-president of the OGDH, everything will be clear in the next two weeks.

“It may be their reading of the situation. But what interests us is that everything be done to hold this trial. Let’s wait to see if in the next two weeks the steps that remain to be taken will be. If so, I think the trial can be arranged. But, if this is not the case, at this time there may be a postponement. But, the fact remains that we are sticking to the date (September 26) indicated by the Minister of Justice being respected, “said Me Alpha Amadou DS Bah.

For now, of the 14 people charged in this case of the massacres of September 28, 2009, only three (3) are in detention. But, in an interview granted to RFI this week, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Alphonse Charles Wright, reassured that “any person who is needed by justice will present himself in accordance with the rules of procedure for the respect of a fair and just trial”.

Remember that on September 28, 2009, 157 people were killed and more than 100 women were raped in the open, in broad daylight, at the September 28 stadium in Conakry. These crimes were committed during a demonstration called by the living forces to denounce the will of the then military junta (the CNDD of Captain Moussa Dadis Camara) to stay in power forever. This demonstration had been bloodily repressed by the military.

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Massacres of September 28, 2009: “we demand that it be a real trial, and not a travesty of justice”, says Me Alpha Amadou DS Bah of the OGDH –