Matteo Belli inaugurates the Borghi Maestri della Scena review

STOP – Master villages is a project carried out jointly by the municipalities of Petritoli (lead partner) and Monte Vidon Combatte (aggregate), selected by the Ministry of Culture as part of the European Union program “Next Generation Eu” and the “National Recovery and Resilience Plan” (PNRR), Mission 1, “Digitalization, innovation, competitiveness and culture”, Component 3 – Culture 4.0, Measure 2 “Regeneration of Small Cultural Sites, Cultural, Religious and Rural Heritage” – Investment 2.1. “Attractiveness of Historic Villages”.

The project obtained from the ministerial commission the highest score among all those presented in the Marche region and kicks off between November and December 2022 with two art reviews: “Borghi Maestri della Scena” in Petritoli and “Maestri d’Arte alla Palombara” in Monte Vidon Combatte.

The coordination of cultural activities is managed by the international association Open Street aisbl and promotion by the association Fermana brand.

People, understand this sermonby and with Matteo Belli

The “Borghi Maestri della Scena” review begins on November 19th with the show”People Understand This Sermon“, medieval and modern minstrel monologues presented by Matthew Bellione of the most talented Italian actors who has based his career on vocal and gestural research, with a theatrical production often as an author and solo performer.

The show that will be staged in Borghi Maestri is a lesson in no way academic, a sort of anthology of medieval and modern Italian jester textspresented with that histrionic energy and that intelligent irony which are the exclusive gift of true masters.

The proposed route is an opportunity to hear and see poetic passages from the 13th and 14th centuries performed alongside absolutely exhilarating improvisations and style exercises.

They range from a long-debated classic such as “Rosa fresh aulentissima” by Ciullo or Cielo d’Alcamo who was already at the center of various disputes between critics, to the surprising linguistic games of Manoello Giudeo’s “Bisbidis”, passing through famous and beloved texts by connoisseurs such as “The birth of the villain” by Matazone da Caligano and the extraordinary and grotesque drama of the “Parody of the Passion” by Ruggieri Apugliese.

All framed by two passages written by the interpreter: a free rereading of a novella by Sacchetti and, in the end, a tribute dedicated to the ancient technique of grammelot, a language almost without recognizable words and based on the onomatopoeic technique of imitating other languages .

Matteo Belli has been on the scene for almost thirty years. It has achieved recognition throughout Europe and South America. You have acted in the most important theaters in the world. You teach vocal technique courses at the University of Bologna.

Tickets for each of the shows scheduled at the Teatro dell’Iride they can be purchased at the theater ticket office starting 2 hours before the start, or online on the website with paypal or credit card. Full price ticket (adults) €6.00. Reduced Ticket (Children 2-12 years and severe disabilities) € 3.00. Children under 2 enter for free if they do not occupy their own seat.


The review will continue until January 1st to the Theater of the Iride of Petritoli proposing a total of nine shows of the highest level, presented by international artists and great masters of Italian musical comedy theatre. Under the artistic direction of Giuseppe Nuciari (Ho un’Idea association), the organization of Francesco Marilungo (ArTime association) and the coordination of the International Open Street Association aisbl (Brussels), on the stage of the marvelous nineteenth-century theater of the town of Fermo, will alternate recitals, monologues, light and classical concerts, performance events.

Saturday November 26th the review will continue with Dominic Lannutti in “Reflections of a man who does nothing… and who wouldn’t want to do that either”, a show of comedy, magic and madness; Friday December 9th it’s time to Saul Lucci in “Hell’O Dante – Paolo and Francesca”, a show in words and music dedicated to the V Canto of Dante’s Inferno with irony and comedy.

The events listed in chronological order are listed below:

  • November 19 at 21:00Matteo Belli in “People Understand This Sermon”; jester.
  • November 26 at 21:00Domenico Lannutti in “Reflections of a man who does nothing…”; Comedy theatre.
  • 09 December at 21:00Saulo Lucci in “Hell’O Dante – Paolo and Francesca”; comic monologue.
  • December 16 at 21:00Andrea Cosentino in “Telemomò” (Ubu Special Award 2018).
  • December 17 at 21:00Concert “Between the Moon and the Sea” tribute to Lucio Dalla.
  • December 18 at 17:30Concert organized by the Friends of Music Association of Montegranaro.
  • December 30 at 21:00Dekru (Ukraina) in “Anime Leggere”, mime show.
  • December 31st at 10.00pm“New Year’s Eve in Music at the Teatro dell’Iride”, with Alessandro Calamai, Selene Fiaschi, Antonella Grumelli (singing) and Daniele Biagini
  • January 1st at 21:00Cantiere Opera Buffa in “La Serva Padrona”, Opera by Giovan Battista Pergolesi, conducted by Alessandro Calamai and directed by Jean Menigault.

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MASTERS DPALOMBARA ART at Monte Vidon He fights from 7 allDecember 11th

The third edition of the Monte Vidon Combatte Christmas Markets will host an exceptionally rich program that will combine organic products and traditional foods, initiatives on sustainable agriculture, circus and street arts.

The well-established initiative “A Christmas like … Bio Comanda” organized by the municipal administration, with a market exhibition of hand-made products, typical agri-food products, tastings and a competition for cribs, will intertwine with a outstanding artistic program dedicated to music and street artby title “Masters of Art at the Palombara”made with free admissions at the historian Palombara Gardenan area that the Borghi Maestri project has set itself the task of redeveloping and relaunching over the next 4 years, as a real park with a cultural vocation.

The initiative inaugurates the Borghi Maestri project in Monte Vidon Combatte and makes use of the collaboration of the associations “Ho Un’Idea”, “ArTime”, “Open Street aisbl”, “Amici della Musica”, “DeaFal ONG”, “Slow Food Condotta del Fermano”, of the organization of the Proloco Association for the Artistic Direction of Giuseppe Nuciari. All events will be free to enter.

The events listed in chronological order are listed below:

  • Wednesday 7 December at 5.30pm Public meeting with the agronomist Matteo Mancini (Dea Fal NGO) on Regenerative Organic Agriculture
  • Thursday8 December at 17:30 “Reunion Sax Quartet”; concert organized by the Friends of Music of Montegranaro
  • Saturday10 December at 4.00 pm Creme Brulé Company in “Circo Cerini”; juggling and fire numbers
  • Sunday 11 December from 4.00 pm. Street art with Teatro Lunatico, Alekos Ottaviucci and Mistrafunky Street Band

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With Borghi Maestri, a project financed under the Borghi tender of the PNRR, the aggregated municipalities of Petritoli and Monte Vidon Combatte aim at the recovery of their cultural, artistic, productive identity and at the conservation and transmission of knowledge, resilient in the face of the disruptive push of approved company able to offer unique opportunities for learning, training, imagining new professions and launching innovative business projects.

BORGHI MAESTRI is a systemic project with activities for the creation/strengthening of cultural services and infrastructures, implementation of initiatives for the increase of cultural participation and for education to the heritage of local communities, programming and artistic direction of live shows, creation of creative theater and circus residencies, valorisation of typical food and wine and artisan excellence, environmental and naturalistic valorisation, territorial promotion and marketing.

There redevelopment of cultural heritage important ones (the Teatro dell’Iride, the Clarisse Monastery, the Palombara Garden) as well as the adaptation of the socio-cultural structures (Villa Adriana Park), are functional to a new high-level cultural and educational offer.

The educational activities they will allow to stimulate the new generations towards the opportunities of their territory, to understand the strategies with which to improve the living conditions and the balance with the natural environment in the future.

THE paths for trekking and mountain biking, horse trails, the table of historical and environmental emergencieswill make it possible to strengthen the tourist attraction within a program to revitalize the area coordinated by highly specialized private subjects rooted in the area, as well as by institutional subjects called to promote the cultural, tourist and environmental dimension of the Valdaso as a whole.

The collector of all activities will be the “Borghi Maestri Street Festival”, an annual event capable of attracting tens of thousands of visitors to the two villages, offering a unique showcase for the artistic projects developed through the residencies, for craftsmanship, for agro-food sustainability projects and for food and wine.

In addition to the aggregation agreement between the two Municipalities and the collaboration with the Petritoli Comprehensive Institute, the partnership extends to a further 16 private entities. Thanks to the participation of important partners such as CNA, SLOW FOOD, DeaFal NGO and the International Association Open Street aisbl of Brussels, the initiatives that will be undertaken will be able to be expressed in a broad territorial context and achieve a national and international dimension.

Matteo Belli inaugurates the Borghi Maestri della Scena review