McPixel 3 Review

Today we talk about McPixel 3the title “sequel” to McPixel (there was never a 2), a game that was popular years ago thanks to its movement on ThePirateBay and Humble Bundle. On this occasion, the experience has been significantly expanded both in quantity and quality, and the duration has risen to reach 6 or 7 hours (depending on how long it takes us to find the solutions). Put your rubber bands together with a piece of gum and get ready to save the day in this adventure that also comes to us in Spanish.

McPixel 3 is the height of absurdity

After a brief tutorial in which the buttons (or rather button) are explained to us, we enter a city that we can explore in 2D to reach certain places. At the beginning we can only go to one, but then there is more freedom in the order to complete the rest of the areas depending on the coins we have and how we spend them. This city is more of a link between the different phases and extra episodes (although it also has characters to interact with and a shop to change our appearance).

But when push comes to shove, the game goes from sequences of microgames based mostly on graphic adventures (sometimes it is played with other genres). There are twelve sequences in total, and each of them has a series of more than five microgames. The way to proceed is simple, once we enter one of these series, the first microgame appears, we complete it (successfully or not) and move on to the next one, and thus it goes around among those that we do not complete until we find everyone’s solution.

We have a button to interact, another to mark points of interest and another to go through sequences that we have already seen, so development is surprisingly agile so as not to saturate us (but sometimes see them just for references or the absurd like). If we are one of those who want to complete everything, we can replay each extra series or episode to get 100% on them. And that 100%, what does it mean in a graphic adventure?

thinking without logic

To answer that question, it is better to give an example. In a microgame we have to escape from inside a person, and we have as possible interaction options a ladder, a pair of scissors and various arteries. The correct solution is to go down the stairs, but if we use the veins or the scissors on them we will see a sequence of something that happens, even if it is not the solution. Each sequence (gag) and interaction is saved and to have 100% we have to see them all.

The situations that we are presented with are usually about “saving the day”, but this is a parody of McGrubber, a character who was a parody, so… this is something that borders on the absurd on many occasions and that sometimes leads us to interact in autopilot mode at full speed (there are times like in Wario Ware), other times it makes us think a little more and other times require us to give the coconut thinking outside the box, something that also takes a bit of trial and error.

The mechanic is simpler than that of a pacifier, and the humor is very green (sometimes something black but without making direct allusions to anything). There are no dialogues, only interactions, video sequences, kicking characters in their parts or pissing in any valid container for it. All this with an absurd superpower component like outrunning a train, which allows us to defy logic in many situations, especially when We don’t know what McPixel is going to do when we give it to interact with something.

McPixel 3 It’s a strange title, but well executed (and has the option of touch control). It’s simple as can be, but it hooks you in a bad way if silly humor is not a barrier for you. There are many different sequences and they are fun to watch, although some microgames are more enjoyable to achieve than others. The game looks like… like a Windows 95 title (strips on that system) so today, despite the filter options, the style is very old but it’s effective. The same happens with the music, which sometimes suffers from little variation due to compression and space limitations (I suppose), but it is quite addictive and helps us get fully involved in the task.

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