Meet Leviathan, The Man Behind Fortnite’s Best Meme

Over the years, many Fortnite content creators have risen to prominence. From single-hit wonders to fan-favorite streamers, the game has served as an important springboard for many high-flying gamers. The creators have captured the essence of the game in various mediums and continue to do so.

Leviathan is one of those creators who started a trend. What started as a parody quickly became a global sensation. Spanning multiple platforms, the ‘Chug Jug with you‘ still holds the title of most popular Fortnite meme/parody.

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For the uninitiated, Chug Jug with you is a parody of American boy by Estella. Uploaded in 2018, the parody swaps the song’s original lyrics with Fortnite-centric ones. In 2021, the song took over Tik Tok and quickly went viral. Since then, the song has been a highlight of Fortnite memes and walls.

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Chug Jug with you is still the best Fortnite parody

Levi, better known as Leviathan, is a Canadian YouTuber and musician best known for his hit parody song Chug Jug with you. The song was released on platforms like SoundClound and YouTube in 2018. Since then, the song has become a pop culture sensation and is the best Fortnite meme to date.

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The overnight star always wanted to be a YouTuber and was inspired by Markplier. Leviathan started out making gaming videos but soon discovered that his talent lay in creating music. He posted a music video that quickly garnered over 500,000 views. It was a turning point in his life.

In September 2018, another YouTuber, cmskits, posted a video titled Let’s Play Fortnite. The video was a parody of Estelle’s song American Boy. It quickly went viral on Instagram.

Leviathan took notice and decided to rehash the song. Although he added his own lyrics, he kept the catchy chorus intact. He quickly uploaded it to SoundCloud and then to YouTube.

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It wasn’t until 2021 when a TikTok user posted a video with the song. The video went viral and started a trend of people performing dance moves to Chug Jug With You. Soon the song was everywhere and began to be recognized by various bigwigs. Later it was also released on Spotify.

The song also caught the attention of music labels like Sony and Atlantic Records. Leviathan quickly came up with IP collaboration deals, but none materialized. Unfazed, he started posting more content and quickly got back to streaming games and creating content.

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All was well for Leviathan until his health began to fail. He discovered that he had heart complications that could become fatal. He kept a straight face and continued to post content. Leviathan then suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized for a short time. He is better now and continues to pursue his dream.

The song Chug Jug with you gained worldwide fame from Leviathan. He even went on to perform his hit single on shows like America’s Got Talent. In his own words, he has amassed substantial wealth from the song which he selflessly wants to put into the betterment of the community. He is currently collaborating with an artist and will release another song soon.

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Meet Leviathan, The Man Behind Fortnite’s Best Meme