Meghan Markle confides without filter in a new interview: “Harry lost his father in the Megxit”

Meghan Markle gave a long interview to an American magazine, in which she discusses her new life and her projects with Harry, and returns to the separation with the British royal family.

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While the first episode of his “Archetypes” podcast is released a few days ago on Spotify, Meghan Markle opened the doors of her home to the American magazine The Cut. She gave a long interview to one of the magazine’s journalists, Allison Davis.

Meghan Markle returned to the decision made with Harry to abandon their royal obligations and leave the United Kingdom to settle in Montecito (California), but above all confided in their life with their two children in the United States , and their current projects.

The interview, released on Monday, made headlines in British tabloids on Tuesday. Notably because of a particular statement from Meghan Markle. During the interview, she brought up the subject of her father, Thomas Markle, whom she hasn’t seen since marrying Harry. In particular because he has many times spread the private life of his daughter in the newspapers. Archie and Lilibet’s mother told The Cut that Prince Harry also suffered during the Megxit. ” He told me: ‘I lost my father in this process’ “, she said.

A return to Instagram

Meghan Markle also took advantage of the interview to reveal ” a secret to his interlocutor. : “ I’m going to get back on Instagram “. And for the Duchess, it’s a real step forward. Indeed, once she entered the royal family, she had to drop her personal account – followed by three million people – and had joined that of Kensington Palace with Kate and William. But he didn’t like it, because everything had to go through the media center of the Palace, which managed Instagram publications. ” Why should I have given photos of my children to people who treated them with the word starting with “N” (nigger, editor’s note), before I could share it myself with close people? Tell me how it makes sense and then I’ll play the game said Prince Harry’s wife.

Now, with the creation of the Archewell association and its various projects (like “Archetypes”), Meghan Markle seems to have turned the page on Megxit. She is delighted to have been able to build a quieter life with Harry and their children. But she confided that she had not forgiven her father and the royal family for everything.

I think forgiveness is really important. But it takes a lot more energy, effort not to forgive. I really made an active effort, especially knowing that I can say anything “, explained Meghan Markle, who, indeed, has “ never had to sign anything that would prevent him from speaking to the royal family “. ” I can speak from all my experience and choose not to. Why am I not doing it? I’m still healing “, concluded the mother of Archie and Lilibet.

The interview without filter of the duchess has in any case a lot of talk on social networks, internet users wondering if it was not a parody…

Meghan Markle confides without filter in a new interview: “Harry lost his father in the Megxit”