Metropolitan RER. Bruno Marty: “What is really the future of the Langon

The metropolitan RER has planned its terminus at Langon with a schedule every 30 minutes. (© Lilou Boulanger/ The South-Gironde Republican)

The metropolitan RER project has not ceased to be talked about lately. As a reminder, it started in 2018 and is divided into three lines: Libourne-Bordeaux-Arcachon, Saint-Mariens/Saint-Yzan-Bordeaux-Langon and between Bordeaux/Pessac and Pointe du Grave.

Unanswered questions

It is based on improving the capacity of the network and optimizing its use. The operations planned in the project will make it possible to strengthen the TER service offer with a service frequency for all stops every half hour, and later, in the longer term, every quarter hour.

After the public consultation fiasco which took place on October 24 in Langon in the presence of the SNCF, the Region, Bordeaux Métropole and the mayor Jérôme Guillem, the elected officials of Réolais and Marmandais are stepping up to the plate.

The question has remained the same for two years: Why is the terminus at Langon and not at La Réole or Marmande?

Bruno Marty, mayor of La Réole wonders:

We are told that the project concerns the Gironde and not the Lot-et-Garonne, ok okay, but then the whole territory from Langon to La Réole, what are we doing for it? Where are we in this project?

The latter did not want to participate in the public consultation.

Attending a parody of participatory democracy, for me it’s no.

Bruno MartyMayor of La Reole

The subject is back on the table today, as new details were brought to the public consultation. For example, the addition of around thirty trains per day on the Langon line to reach 64 trains per day by 2030.

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A terminus in Marmande

The mayor of La Réole asks:

We had requested additional trains with Optim’ter, this is the case, since, today, we have nine more per day. We can’t supposedly add more because the line is already full. So if we add the timing of the metropolitan RER to Langon, i.e. trains every 30 minutes, what about our timing to La Réole and Marmande?

The latter publicly called on his social networks, Alain Rousset, president of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, his vice-president Renaud Lagrave and the president of the Métropole Alain Anziani to request a meeting in the presence of elected officials, the president of the community of municipalities of Réolais in South-Gironde, Francis Zaghet, the president of the agglomeration of Marmandais, the mayor of Marmande, the two presidents of the departments of Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne.

“Marmande station is ready to welcome the terminus of line 2”

The mayor is asking for an extension of line 2 to Réolais and Marmandais, with why not a terminus at Marmande.

He underlines :

Marmande station, with the forthcoming opening of its multimodal hub and its new infrastructures, is ready to welcome the terminus of line 2 of the metropolitan RER.

Bruno Marty also indicates that Réolais and Marmandais are dynamic territories with a large living area.

There are many people from these two territories who go as far as Langon to work, or even to Bordeaux.

These two territories together represent more than 85,000 inhabitants and will be brought to

Become in the coming years an accessible residential offer near the Bordeaux metropolis, in particular within the framework of the revitalization of the city centers and town centers of the territory.

The future of the Langon-Agen line

The last concern of the mayor of La Réole, what is the future of the Langon-Agen line?

If tomorrow, we have the metropolitan RER project and the LGV, what will become of our line? If we have to renovate the road to develop structures, we will ask the communities to finance part of it, is that their solution?

The mayor does not endorse the RER project if it is to the detriment of Réolais and Marmandais.

So we are going to be told that if we want more trains, we have to let the LGV pass. We are not answered frankly, and it is annoying.

It is not normal, for him, that in the north, the line stops at the gates of the Charente-Maritime at Saint-Mariens, and that in the south, part of the South-Gironde is forgotten in the project.

When all the trains are congested on the line, will we end up removing our line to put us on buses to Langon instead? Today, it is the fear that we have.

The elected official indicates that these territories are not in remote areas, he insists:

The further we are from Bordeaux, the more we have to manage, it’s time to sound the alarm.

Finally, Bruno Marty wonders about the very meaning of the metropolitan RER project.

Either it is a real land development project, in which case the terminus must be reviewed, or the route is used to hide a sub-project, which is called: LGV.


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Metropolitan RER. Bruno Marty: “What is really the future of the Langon-Agen line? »