Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey recreate the cult video of Honey!

Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey are getting closer and closer. They have teamed up to redo a video of Honey!

This Saturday, September 17, Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey have decided to make a great duo to redo the cult video of Honey! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Millie Bobby Brown: the coveted star of the moment

Since she caused a sensation in the series Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown is the small star of the moment. She is now considered one of the 100 most influential people in the world according to Time.

Everyone wants it! First, the producers of Stranger Things cannot do without her for part 2 of the last season. Then Netflix still needs of her to play the role of Enola Holmes.

Then, Unicef ​​called on her to become the youngest ambassador. A mission that makes her proud: “They always told us to order, to clean, to be fair and nice. We listen to adults. It’s time for us to talk,” she said on the last Universal Children’s Day.

Finally, the star is also in high demand by brands. She is therefore a model for the Converse brand, but also for Pandora and Samsung.

And that’s not all ! Even the greatest artistspeople from all over the world want to work with her. This is therefore the case for many actors and directors.

Let’s not forget the. singer Mariah Carey who appreciates it a lot, and vice versa! The two women love each other so much that they wanted to make a duet. We tell you a little more below.

@mariahcarey “Go eat a buffet” 😂 #honey #butterfly25 ♬ original sound – Mariah Carey

A surprising duo

This Saturday, September 17, Millie Bobby Brown did not have time to be bored! No, since she met Mariah Carey, the artist with the voice that melts hearts.

The Grammy Award winner had a funny idea… She wanted to duet with the Stranger Things star to reshoot the iconic scene from her “Honey” music video, which was released 25 years ago.

In this clip, Mariah Carey tries to escape her captors. So she plays the victim. As for Millie Bobby Brown, she puts herself in the shoes of a evil character who questions the singer.

The latter then responds in Spanish, saying that she did not understand English while she was handcuffed. That’s where her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka and her kids Moroccan and Monroe come in.

The singer is very proud of this video. She wrote in the caption: Relive the glory of Honey’s video with surprise guests! Butterfly25 is here!! Celebrating 25…minutes…since the release of my favorite and even most personal album From 9/16″

So here is a parody that made internet users laugh. We can therefore read in the comments: Millie is playing too well, it almost feels like it”, “it made me laugh, well done”, “what a pleasure to see this video, it’s a breath of fresh air, thank you girls”.

As a reminder, “Honey” was the first single from Butterfly, Mariah Carey’s sixth studio album. Columbia Records released it on September 16, 1997.

Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey recreate the cult video of Honey!