Miss Kuroitsu From The Monster Development: Beyond Perfect

Series awaited and scrutinized by our editorial staff, Miss Kuroitsu from the monster development sended in April at the end of its 12th episode. Fascinating from her first opus, she continued to unfold her wacky and totally assumed idea. The fear of a loss of rhythm or an exhaustion of the concept never arrived. Very well written, produced, endowed with a perfect balance in terms of rhythm and tone, this work kept us spellbound. Its epilogue even leaves us in a state of frustration as we would have enjoyed tasting more of these wacky adventures. Here we explain the reasons for our love for this anime.

A crazy high concept

In the eternal confrontation between the forces of evil and good, there are anonymous people whom stories have always left aside. The employees, the assistants who in the shadows give life to the dark projects of their sponsor. Miss Kuroitsu works in one of the many offices of the Evil Agastia Society. His area of ​​expertise: creating monsters capable of overthrowing the superheroes of Japan.

His position gives pride of place to creativity, audacity and would be a real dream if there were no problem: Bureaucracy. Indeed, development teams must constantly juggle budgetary constraints, various regulations and wars between departments. Which causes delay, design error and ultimately repeated failures against superheroes. However, Miss Kuroitsu and her colleagues try somehow to carry out their mission and make their business prosper.

Miss Kuroitsu from the monster development : a perfectly mastered narration

A first observation jumps to the eyes at the end of this season: the quality of writing. This first reflects in the overall structure of this season. The independent episodes nevertheless weave a coherent framework where various arcs come together in the final episode. This forms a rich series where we follow pell-mell the story of our heroine, an intermittent evil, monsters in search of recognition and superheroes on the alert. It all culminates in the final episode which has quite a surprise in store and brings this season to a brilliant close.

This writing also gives all the quality in the internal structure of the episodes. The opening of the episodes is always very funny carried by an excellent voice-over and crazy titles (take a pose to taste this prose). The sequence of adventures then remains dynamic, full of surprises, masterfully alternating the different adventures. It is also impossible to anticipate what the episodes have in store for us as the scriptwriters brilliantly handle the art of surprise. The end of the episodes is also very successful between an always unexpected fall, tributes to cosplayers and quality post-credits scenes. Add to that a very catchy opening and ending and you have a very well thought out series.


References, tributes and parodies

Miss Kuroitsu from the monster development talks about superheroes by reversing the point of view. We take the point of view of the villains by focusing on the little hands, these noboby who kill themselves at work. On this concept, the series functions as a parody of high dress. It is built on the face to face between two universes at the antipodes: the world of business and that of superheroes. Thus, the story depicts company internships, coordination meetings, job interviews or even the recruitment of somewhat special temporary workers. It’s a bit as if the universe of The Office merged with that of Justice League. By asking essential questions: What happens to heroes and villains when they retire? Are you a full-time supervillain?

This parody is done with total respect and love for the superheroic universe. It is based on a recovery of the codes of Japanese super-sentaïs. The variety of costumes, the nods to key works, to the lexicon, constitute the base on which the public adheres to the subject. Everything rings true. Especially since the episodes also take up the codes of comics: secret societies, assemblies, fortress of solitude. Thus, the series distils references to this modern mythology according to the wanderings of our heroine. She also takes care to integrate real figures of Japanese cosplay, reinforcing the immense “cool attitude” that emerges from this work.

Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster screen 4

Miss Kuroitsu from the monster development: technically very clean

The realization perfectly supports the ambition of the subject. Let’s first highlight the work on the colors, very pastel, warm, soft, which are in perfect harmony with the quirky atmosphere of the story. Everything is bathed in an almost kawaii atmosphere as we follow a company in the service of evil. This atmosphere is completed by the diversity of costumes, situations, armor. The teams gave free rein to imagine the craziest creatures. A bird out of Kirby, a dinosaur coexist with samurai, masters of cold and other vampires. The same goes for superheroes alternating figures of super-sentai, magical girls.

The animation and sound work are also noteworthy. The animation indeed serves both the many scenes and the passages of pure comedy. She also likes to divert the classic scenes of the genre: the stay at the beach, the onsen… The soundtrack completes this high technical outfit. We have already underlined the quality of the very catchy opening. We also have to congratulate all the music that summons a whole range of moods. From the world of shonen, passing through GTO Where Full Metal Panics, the composer delivers a score of great diversity.

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Miss Kuroitsu from the monster development therefore enchanted the start of the year. On a crazy and a priori absurd concept, Hiroaki Mozusaki, its creator, delivers the funniest, most creative anime of this winter. A certainty we will now carefully follow the future projects of this author. The series is available in full at crunchyroll.

Miss Kuroitsu From The Monster Development: Beyond Perfect