Mister V, the famous youtubeur, becoming a star in the United States? Americans love it!

news culture Mister V, the famous youtubeur, becoming a star in the United States? Americans love it!

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After almost a year without posting videos on the YouTube platform, Yvick Letexier, better known under the pseudonym of Mister V, resumed his activities to the delight of his six million subscribers. And, for this comeback, he didn’t do things by halves: after the announcement of two new varieties of pizza, Mister V made his comeback, surrounded by Freddy Gladieux and Vincent Tirel, with a parody called ” Les Jones” which gave birth to an album of four titles including “Burgers”. Across the Atlantic, the title video goes viral and drives Americans crazy!


  • A resounding return to Youtube, other projects in 2023?
  • Americans go crazy over Mister V parody

A resounding return to Youtube, other projects in 2023?

That’s it, after months of absence, Mister V has made his comeback on YouTube. To say that it was expected would be an understatement because when we see the number of views of the last video, namely “Les Jones” which peaks at 5.6 million views, we say to ourselves that this radio silence was beginning to weigh on the members of his community. Recently, the videographer from Grenoble had triggered the excitement of his fans when he announced, on the live streamer AmineMaTue, that he had finally received his setup. In addition to YouTube, would Mister V have other prospects in mind?

While waiting to learn more about her mysterious other projects, the YouTube star is a hit. One of his latest challenges, the launch of a range of pizzas, called “Pizza Delamama”, has been a resounding success with sales figures capable of overshadowing certain major brands who launched new products at the same time as him. Very invested in music, Mister V swapped the flour and the apron to get back behind a microphone in the company of two of his friendsFreddy Gladieux and Vincent Tirel, from the Golden Mustache collective. This is how the next “Les Jones” was born and together they recorded four titles including one, “Burgers”, which was a hit. Including on Reddit where the official clip is all the rage with our American counterparts!

Americans go crazy over Mister V parody

The Jones is the story of three 17-year-old brothers : Jean-Michel (alias Johnny-Michael), Jean-Pierre (alias Johnny-Rock) and Jean-Claude (alias Johnny-Claude). These three farmers, passionate about American culture and way of life, who sell cheese and other rather special products, also compose music and are going to live their American dream in Nashville, just to interpret their titles there. and follow in the footsteps of their father, a supposed rock legend! All this journey is to be found in the video “Les Jones”, but it is especially the clip of “Burgers” which currently (and really) amuses the Americans. Within two days, the Reddit post by user EtoileDuSoir has garnered tens of thousands of upvotes!

On the “funny” subreddit, EtoileDuSoir discovered a nugget for American users of the platform. Mister V’s “Burgers” clip causes a stir and comments rain down below the video. The three “brothers”, carried by the devastating humor of Mister V, sing their love for burgers and for a whole host of American specialties and products, all to country tunes. And that, the Americans loved it ! Nearly 10,000 comments have been posted and many are amused by the lyrics which have awakened a little craving in them, while others totally validate them, in particular the lyrics praising the flavor of the famous “chicken wings”. Even in the United States, Mister V is wreaking havoc and entertaining Internet users!

Mister V, the famous youtubeur, becoming a star in the United States? Americans love it!