Most Viral Artworks of 2022

Social networks allowed us to know a number of occasions where both the artist and his creation gave something to talk about during this 2022. So we mention some of the ones that became more viral.

Pia Camil: This artist is inspired by urban and industrial forms to interpret them as handmade objects that recode her relationship with the city and the notions of public space.

However, one of his most commented installations was Bluejeneando, at the OMR Gallery, for which he used stuffed second-hand jeans sewn at the waist. Camil’s proposal is to represent desire; however, the experience can become a somber moment if jeans are reinterpreted as a mass of dismembered bodies.

Another of the things that caused them to reach platforms like Tik Tok, in addition to this second reading about dismembered bodies, is that, during the weeks that their exhibition lasted at the OMR gallery, there were always long lines to enter, something that happens very little, if it is about art.

Pepe Romero: He kissed and licked some of the pieces from the National Museum of Anthropology as part of his “performance” entitled Mexique, with which he intended to join the wave of protests against the auction of archaeological objects in Europe and the United States, where collectors acquire them despite the fact that these pieces are protected against their commercialization by the laws of the Latin American country.

Part of this performative act was released during the 2022 Ceremony Festival, where artists such as Arca, C. Tangana, Nathy Peluso, among others, performed. Pepe Romero identifies as a transgressive contemporary artist, he is an activist for the rights of the LGBTTTI community and his artistic laboratory is called Fábrica de Degenerados.

Deborah Castillo: Multidisciplinary anarchist artist and ex-punk, Castillo uses parody and discourse formulation to create characters to challenge and destroy power.

One of his latest exhibitions “Challenging the Colossus: Three Acts”, which was held at the Museo Universitario del Chopo during the month of June 2022, part of a series of “affronts” that he has staged against the figure and the monument to leader.

A video was broadcast on social networks in which the artist can be seen hitting the sculpture with Maduro’s face as part of her performance, whose objective was precisely to hit the clay busts of Latin American presidents who have been related to death. from students.

In addition to Maduro, the faces of Rafael Videla, from Argentina; and Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Bolaños, from Mexico.

Julio Le Parc: This artist presented himself, for the first time, in Mexico, with his exhibition Julio Le Parc, Encuentros Visuales, at the RGR Gallery, from September 22 to November 12, 2022.
This series studies Le Parc’s experimentation with the relationships of light and color through complex compositions on canvas and acrylic mobiles.

His pieces also reveal the exploration of fields of light, movement and perception, which combine to formalize Le Parc’s status as an experimental artist. Because it is quite a visual work, these pieces came, especially to Tik Tok as it became a focus for selfies.

Most Viral Artworks of 2022 – Indigo Report