Mum, schoolteacher and humorist… Bénédicte Bousquet proves that it is possible

Young, Bénédicte Bousquet practiced gymnastics. Not really comfortable in her leotard, too tight in her eyes, she dreaded the end-of-year shows that always took place in the village hall of Connaux. Almost thirty years later, the child of the country returns to this room, comfortable in his sneakers to play his new show “Hors classe”. Portrait.

Kindergarten teacher, mother and comedian. Bénédicte Bousquet juggles between the caps. But with a good organization, she manages to reconcile everything. Energetic, friendly and hilarious, the Gardoise was not really predestined for the stage. Until she was 14, she lived in Connaux, before moving to Laudun-L’Ardoise. His father assists the teacher of natural sciences at the Gérard-Philipe high school in Bagnols-sur-Cèze: “We often went to buy brains, sheep’s eyes, mice… It was the time of very gory dissections“, she recalls, laughing. Her mother was a teacher in Laudun.

Bénédicte Bousquet performed her new show “Hors classe!” fifty times. • photo Jean-Michel Rebilly

Not really inspired after the baccalaureate, Bénédicte Bousquet finds herself in Spanish college at the University of Avignon. To the great dismay of her teachers who already saw her at Sciences Po or in literary preparation. She ends up going to IUFM (University Institute for Teacher Training) and becomes a schoolteacher. “It wasn’t a vocation, I wanted to be a lawyer or a journalist. But it’s without regret, I don’t know if I could have loved another job so much“, she says. Today, she has been teaching primary school for 25 years, including 17 years in the same establishment in Orange (Vaucluse).

It all started with a parody of “The Snow Queen”

In the meantime, she moved to Mondragon and became the mother of Amaury (15) and Augustin (soon to be 25): “At the time, I thought being a mom was going to be easy since I’m still in contact with children. But not at all. There are moments of loneliness when we wonder if we are not doing enough, if we are doing too much. I thought a lot.” And she continues to reflect on the attitude of her sons a little “laxity specific to a whole generation“, which inspired him some sketches in his new show. Fortunately, the caricature makes them completely MDR (“died laughing”).

It all started in the school rest room. Bénédicte Bousquet imagines a parody of “The Snow Queen” that she sings to her colleagues, escalffed. She also imitates the headmistress, an angry parent, the students’ succession of visits to the toilets during the morning… During an end-of-year meal, she even puts on a half-written, half-improvised show where she recounts in particular an outing to the aquatic center that goes wrong.

It put a small pebble in my head. I launched an online kitty which allowed me in 2017 to do my first OFF festival in Avignon“, she says. Her show “D’école et moi” is full at each performance. The curiosity effect and word-of-mouth work, the first glowing articles appear, Bénédicte meets her director, Mathieu Olivier. She participated in the festival in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, she flew to the boards of Cayenne, in Guyana, where her posters are plastered in 4X3 in the city. In 2020, she will even do the first part of Sellig, at the Zenith of Montpellier It is high time to transform the tryout with a second show.

His dad will be in the room at Connaux

During the first show, you see me essentially in my mistress posture. For the second, I wanted to stay in this universe but also show that I know how to laugh at something elseexplains the Gardoise. This goes from the school trip to the zoo where I lose patience to my setbacks to maintain my swimming pool. It’s never blue like the others…

She manages to de-dramatize the small problems of daily life thanks to humour. She bounces back:At school, we have 21 little ones who go to nap. These are 21 pairs of shoes that must be returned, whether Adidas or Nike. So there isn’t a week where parents don’t let us know that we got the wrong sneakers, sometimes with a difference of several sizes. I answer them: “As long as we don’t exchange the panties…”

Bénédicte Bousquet performed her new show fifty times in one year. Her calendar is full until July 2023. This Friday, November 18, at 9 p.m., she will play at the Lucien-Laville center in Connaux. Her father, who usually can’t travel, will be in the audience and see her new one-woman show for the first time. A presence that her daughter dreads a little but which should give yet another dimension to this representation.

The municipality of Connaux is organizing its first comedy festival

On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November, the town hall of Connaux will organize its first humor festival, at the Lucien-Laville centre. It is already possible to reserve your places. On November 18, at 9 p.m., Bénédicte Bousquet will open the ball with her one-woman show “Hors classe!” The “teacher like no other”, from Gard Rhone, returns to shake up the school with this new show where she talks about her daily life as a teacher and mother (adult price: €12, child: €8). The next day, it’s time for Rémi Marceau, impersonator at Rire et Chansons, who will do the info on stage (adult rate: €15, child: €10). Reservation with the town hall of Connaux on site or by calling 04 66 82 00 12. Payment by check or cash (providing the extra).

Mary Meunier

Mum, schoolteacher and humorist… Bénédicte Bousquet proves that it is possible