Musk gets ‘bravo’: Warns Twitter will delete ‘parody’ accounts; They already lowered Kathy Griffin

The arrival of Elon Musk on Twitter it has brought important modifications in the reduction of personnel and also in the fight against bots. Now the also CEO of Tesla goes for the parody accountswhich among other things, are the ones that fill the social network with the most humor and controversy.

The tycoon said on his social networks this Sunday, November 6, that “in the future, any Twitter user who engages in phishing without clearly specifying ‘parody’ will be permanently suspended.”

The message from the millionaire who bought Twitter for 44 billion dollars occurs after users put on his same name and photo, including comedian Kathy Griffin, who parodied him to invite people to vote for the Democrats in the United States midterm elections.

Musk recalled that before there was a warning before suspension; however, now your account will be ‘lowered’ without notice as “we are implementing widespread verification”, according to their message.

“Any name change will result in the temporary loss of the checkmark,” Musk wrote.

Parody on Twitter: What are the sanctions?

Parody on Twitter is commonto the extent that there is a policy for the accounts that are dedicated to it.

These policies, also related to fan accounts, explain that there must be differences between the person parodied or linked to the fans and the account that is managed, in order to avoid misinformation.

You may not impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations to mislead, confuse, or mislead others, or use a false identity in a way that disrupts others’ experience on Twitter.

People who want to parody on Twitter must meet the following requirements:

  • The name of the account must clearly indicate that the account is not affiliated with the subject represented in the profile. This can be expressed by using words like “parody”, “fake” or “fans”, for example.
  • The biography must also comply with the same indications as the name, and cannot replicate what the biography of the person being parodied says, unless it has words like “parody”, which specify people who are not parodying. It’s the official account.

Parody on Twitter: What are the sanctions?

At the moment, Twitter’s sanctions for making a parody (especially one that Elon Musk doesn’t like) would represent the temporary suspension of the account.

Said provision does not yet apply, and for the moment, Twitter explains that the sanctions are the following:

  • In the first instance, Twitter made a notice to make changes to the profile and comply with the social network’s policies.
  • If the changes are not made properly there will be a temporary suspension, it is not specified how long.
  • Permanent suspension will follow if sufficient modifications are not made to comply with parody Twitter standards.

Musk gets ‘bravo’: Warns Twitter will delete ‘parody’ accounts; They already lowered Kathy Griffin