Musk suspends his great invention to finance Twitter before the flood of fake accounts

Former US President George W. Bush says that “I miss killing Iraqis” and Tony Blair, British colleague of the Azorean trio, has given him a like. OJ Simpson assures that he did it, while Lebron James asks the Lakers to sell it to the highest bidder and Nestlé confesses with a laugh that “we stole your water and then we sell it to you”.

This is just one example of the messages that run through Twitter, once Elon Musk is in charge. Unimaginable things that must be true, as so many conspiracies flood the internet, because they circulate with the blue label that the company presumably offers to inform that the accounts are real.

The social network, plunged into chaos since the billionaire is in charge, has his pet bird chirping, once it has become a gigantic April Fool’s Day, in a parody that has made a fool of the verification service of counts. This blue label is Musk’s great innovation to fight against bots and counterfeitsin exchange for demanding eight dollars a month from subscribers who want to be sure that what they send is not manipulated and that those who receive it know that their content is reliable.

Pranksters have made a fool of the world’s richest man

The pranksters, some with unsocial intentions or with a shady humor, have hit a vein to pose as another, appearing to be the impersonated and ridicule the richest man in the world. The disaster resulted from a deep draft, caused bewilderment and generated significant confusion.

So this premium service, Musk’s great invention to finance his investment, was suspended on Thursday night, after the social network was inundated by a tide of imposter accounts “approved” by Twitter. Do not forget that, after the massive layoffsthis week the top executives in charge of security or reviewing content have resigned from continuing to work in the company.


Going forward, accounts engaged in parody must include “parody” in their name, not just in bio

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 11, 2022 “>

Before Musk will pay 44,000 million dollars and enter like an elephant in the china shop a couple of weeks ago, the verification blue label was granted only to people who had been certified by the company, usually celebrities, politicians, journalists or brands, such as guarantee precisely to prevent impersonations. The new owner considered that his social network could only survive if users pay a fee of eight dollars a month in exchange for that privilege that supposedly grants veracity.

This way anyone can have one of those checkswithout any control, as long as you have a phone, a credit card and the willingness to pay that eight dollars.

Pharmaceutical Eli Lilly falls on the stock market after a false message on Twitter

In an internal note, to which he had access The Washington Post, it was indicated that the signal was temporarily disabled “to help resolve identity theft problems.” But the damage had already been done and the fake accounts were still active this Friday, with great success, even after being cancelled.

After an imposter registered an account under the revamped system dubbed “Twitter Blue” and tweeted that “we’re pleased to announce that insulin is free,” pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly had to issue a statement of apology. One message and another seem identical, or almost. Its shares fell 5% on Wall Street this Friday, although it is not clear if because of the joke or because of the bad trading day in general.

Nintendo, Lockeed Martin and Musk’s own companies Telsa and Space X were also copied. There was also Twitter and its owner’s own account with the message “game over”, the game was over. There was no shortage of parodies of politicians, including US President Joe Biden, journalists, commentators, stars from the world of screen, music or sports.

Nintendo, Lockeed Martin and Musk’s own companies Telsa and Space X were also copied.

Last weekend the new owner already faced the issue of imitations, once numerous people impersonated Musk himself and posed as the mogul. In an update to the platform, he mandated that all accounts that are a parody must incorporate that word in the username, not just the bio. Ignore case.

The repercussion goes far beyond the laughter, the ridicule of Musk and the suspension of the service and his possible income. This circumstance directly influences advertisers, who had already put ad investments “on hold” (90% of total revenue to date). Analysts consider that this may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back regarding the management of the new owner, something that has led to think about the survival of the social network.

Musk warned Thursday that the company You do not have cash to meet the expenses and did not rule out requesting suspension of payments. However, that same day he tweeted that the social network had the highest number of active users ever. It doesn’t matter if they are real or imitations.

Musk suspends his great invention to finance Twitter before the flood of fake accounts