Musk’s blue mess. Company collapses on the stock market: the fault of a fake tweet

At the beginning of November, Elon Musk had been prophetic: «Twitter will do a lot of stupid things in the coming months. We will keep what works and change what doesn’t work ». One of these (stupid) is undoubtedly the introduction of the paid blue check: until a few days ago it was the brand that ensured users the official status of the account, today it has become the screen behind which false, parodies are hidden and scams of all kinds.

Thanks to the Mr. Tesla revolution, numerous users have taken the opportunity, paying only $ 8, to create fake accounts of celebrities, institutions and companies. And try to destabilize the Net a bit. On the other hand, if the owner himself tells you that “stupid things” could happen, why not take advantage of them immediately? And so the (false) Pepsi says that “Coca Cola is better”; on the other hand, the (fake) company from Atlanta announces that «at the thousandth retweet we will return to putting cocaine in Coca Cola». Then there’s the (fake) Nintendo posting a photo of the iconic Super Mario showing the middle finger. Also from Twitter we discover that the (fake) George W. Bush “misses killing in Iraq”, while the (fake) Tony Blair can only agree with him. It’s still. There’s the (fake) Pope tweeting drunk from a party in France, the (fake) LeBron James asking to leave the Los Angeles Lakers. The (false) Martin Luther also reappears from the past, responding to the Pope’s fake offer for an indulgence of 8 dollars. Ironically, a (fake) Musk also appears promising free dinners and holidays to anyone named after his ex-wife Grimes, while his (fake) Tesla jokes about child labor.

All false, but all incredibly stamped by Elon.

Yet the most striking case, where social networks, (fake) profiles and (real) money are intertwined is that of the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly & Company. In recent days, strangers have created a fake account of the company, paid 8 dollars to obtain a certified profile and produced this simple tweet: “From today insulin is free”. A joke? Perhaps. Not surprisingly, the company that produces the life-saving drug for diabetes patients, in the past, had been challenged for the high cost of the vials, which cost over 100 dollars. But in this case there is little to enjoy. The company, which is listed on the stock exchange, has seen its shares collapse in just a few hours: -5.97%, which in a nutshell means 14 billion dollars of burnt capitalization. All for a tweet. False. A fool, that of Musk, paid dearly by others.

Now the hope is that someone, as it already seems, will try to bring Mr. Tesla to his senses. While some US users and media are already announcing the suspension of paid ticks, the billionaire tweeted to explain that “accounts engaged in parody will have to include parody in their name, and not just in the bio”. While to certify the credibility of the real profiles, he spoke of adding the word “Official” in the name.

Last unwanted effect of the innovation: stamp of authenticity also for the «Jesus Christ» account, 825 thousand followers. Maybe one day Musk will tell us he checked it out personally.

Musk’s blue mess. Company collapses on the stock market: the fault of a fake tweet