Nanowar of Steel: when metal makes you laugh (and dance like crazy)

Nanowar of Steel is a parody-fun-metal band from Rome, composed of the two frontmen Potowotominimak, illustrator and cartoonist and Mister Baffo, entertainer and weightlifter, the data scientist, artificial intelligence specialist and guitarist Mohammed Abdul, the archaeologist drummer Uinona Raider and astronomer bassist and backing vocals Gatto Panceri 666. Nanowar of Steel is a band made up of real musicians, who have Franco Battiato and Frank Zappa in the car stereo, Metallica and Black Sabbath in their hearts, but on stage or in the videos they choose to wear colored wigs, dance tutus, Viking horns or hipster looks, and in almost twenty years of activity they have had only one compass to influence their artistic choices: cutting irony, sharp sarcasm, a parody that spares no cliché of the society of the image. But let’s follow them on their journey through record works, hilarious videos, performances in the best metal festivals in Italy and Europe and unthinkable collaborations.

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Career and discography of Nanowar of Steel

Nanowar of Steel was born in 2003, the year in which they release a demo titled True Metal Of The World and a second one titled Triumph Of True Metal Of Steel, featuring classic metal songs revisited such as Master Of Pizza (Metallica’s Master Of Puppets) and Emerald Fork (Rhapsody’s Emerald Sword), as well as own songs with parodic and nonsense lyrics. With this work the group begins to make itself known in the underground metal scene. In 2005 Nanowar of Steel released their first self-produced album Other Bands Play Nanowar Gay! In addition to receiving numerous awards as best album (from DarkCity magazine, from the webzines and MetalStorm among others), the album allows the band to perform in various concerts throughout Italy.

In 2007, shortly after the name change from Nanowar to Nanowar Of Steel, they released a double album titled Made In Naples containing the entire recording of the live performances of the Z7 Festival in Pratteln In May and October of the same year they also made their first two European tours, headlining dozens of concerts in Italy, Spain (participating in the Martohell Festival), France, Austria , Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland (where they are the headliners of the True As Steel Festival in Bülach), Bulgaria, Greece, Holland and Belgium. In 2008 they begin recording their second full-length Into Gay Pride Ride, released only in September 2010, and several European tours. In April 2012 they released the video clip of a new single entitled “Giorgio Mastrota” which in a few weeks reaches over 100,000 views on YouTube.

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In February 2014 a new album by Nanowar of Steel is released, A Knight At The Opera. The album includes the latest singles, some old re-recorded hits, a new song in Italian “Il Cacciatore della Notte” and a new song in German, Russian, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian. The album is released with a DVD featuring the 2007 live performance in Buelach, Switzerland at the True As Steel Festival.

In January 2016 they release an EP entitled Tour-Menton Vol.1 which contains four of the best songs composed for the 2015 Tourmentone summer tour and an English version of their Italian hit Giorgio Mastrota re-titled George Mastrothard (the Keeper of Stainless Steel).

The latest Nanowar of Steel record is Italian Folk Metalreleased in July 2021 full of references to Italian folklore, in which each song is performed in a distinct style of Italian popular music: the sounds of the neomelodic music of Naples collide with the powerful guitars on “Scugnizzi of the Land of Fires” and the fast accordions (dominant element of the mazurka of northern Italy) are layered with swirling guitar solos on “La Mazurka del Vecchio che Guarda i Cantieri”.

Collaboration of the Nanowar of Steel with the Feudalism and Freedom movement

In 2013 the band Nanowar Of Steel doubles the parodic power of their compositions by writing and recording the anthem of the parody of the political movement Feudalism and Freedom, born in 2012 around the fervent activity and resounding success of followers of the Facebook page which today has 700 thousand followers and criticizes the decline of democracy, hoping for a return of the medieval Holy Roman Empire. In the video, which accompanies the hymn of Feudalism and Freedom, we witness the transformation of a boy who, after the annihilation due to contemporary junk TV, wakes up a medieval knight thanks to a FEL commercial and, convinced by the goodness of the proposal, he he immediately gallops to bring the fight to Saladin, willingly accepting everything the Emperor desires.

The Nanowar of Steel comics

At the 2017 edition of Lucca Comics & Games the happy metal band from Rome Nanowar of Steel presents NANOWAR – The Keepers of Stainless Steelthe first cartoon 99% steel 1% paper, designed by Carlo Alberto ‘Potowotominimak’ Fiaschi, frontman, illustrator and cartoonist of the quintet.

The comic miniseries is a spin off of the hit song Giorgio Mastrota – The Keeper of Inox Steel, the protagonist is the most beautiful ex in Italy and the king of Mediaset teleshopping who, armed with the Pan of Power, turns into Mastrothard , the most powerful George in the universe. Will this great force be used for good or on an empty stomach? And who are the Dwarves who threaten the musical utopia of Phonopolis?

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Finally Giorgio Mastrota and the Nanowar of Steel

In June 2021 Nanowar of Steel launched “La Polenta taragnarock” on youtube, the new single with the special participation of Giorgio Mastrota. After being the protagonist “in effigy” of the text of the first single of enormous success in 2012 and of the comic series, Giorgio takes the field in person and plays a Viking from Valtellina engaged in the preparation of the famous local dish: polenta taragna.

Giorgio Mastrota he fits into this self-deprecating context, initially interpreting himself committed to promoting the typical products of Valtellina from the square of Kuerc in Bormio, the adopted country of the TV presenter, and then becoming a Viking from Valhaltellina during the video.

In less than a year, the video has totaled over a million views and in the most popular comments of the Nanowar of Steel youtube channel you can read the applause for the collaboration defined as one of the best things in the 2021 music scene and the invitation to the Nanowar of Steel to show up at the next Eurovsion. Could it be a challenge that the Roman band is considering?

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Nanowar of Steel: when metal makes you laugh (and dance like crazy)