Newspaper TODAY | Telemundo program parodies the arrival of Nadia Ferreira at her wedding

After Abdala Oviedo attacked the fashion show organizer, Rangel Barreto, he made suggestive comments about someone who referred to him out of spite.

Several comments generated the photographer’s claims abdala oviedofriend of the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreiraabout what Rangel Barreto he dropped hints that he was present at her wedding to Marc Anthony, when in fact he was not invited.

In response, Barreto pointed to an alleged spite later for not accepting the end of a romance and not giving in to his wishes.

“You have to get over the fact that I don’t love you anymore”wrote Barreto first and then continued with “more sharp” darts.

“After not fulfilling his deepest desires, he haunts me. Our history of the past is in the past. I don’t need to ridicule myself out of anger. I am happy, I am a worker and I live in peace… I wish you the best, that you be happy and successful as always. Your actions and your need to put people down just shows how fragile you are… I hope your dissatisfaction passes soon and you’re okay.”

Barreto continued, throwing more ‘fuel’. For years I have suffered psychological torture, moral damage and defamation by this person. Once he told me: ‘I’m going to destroy your life’… Honestly I’m already scared”.

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He addressed the person harassing him: I know you are the first to read this through your various accounts. I really want you to be happy, enjoy your trip! Enjoy your friends, eat well, play sports, go out and live! I’m not upset, I’m just worried that after all this time you’ll continue like this… Enjoy life because it’s our most precious asset. Blessings”.

Subsequently, Abdala responded on Twitter that he never had anything with him. “And I know that it is not necessary to clarify, but I never ever had or will ever have anything with a toad and that is what offends me the most about all this.”

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Rangel then shot back to Instagram, sharing a story with a photo of a toast at the wedding he was supposedly at over the weekend: “Long live love! Discord photo. There are other beautiful weddings around the world. You made a big mistake, but I will always continue to wish the best for your life and for your mental health.”.

The fight became a trend through the name of Abdala, since many Internet users joined the question, expressing their opinion and taking a position on both sides, however, for many, Nadia’s friend demonstrated a superb attitude when responding to tweeters, alleging a once more than supposedly being surrounded by his fame and that of Mark Anthony they made him “lose his feet off the ground”.

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Newspaper TODAY | Telemundo program parodies the arrival of Nadia Ferreira at her wedding