Nick Cave calls ChatGPT’s song written in his style a “grotesque parody”

Nick Cave calls ChatGPT's song written in his style a 'grotesque parody'

This song is bullshit, a grotesque parody of what it is to be human
“. These scathing words are from Nick Cave about a song created by chatbot ChatGPT “ in the style of Nick Cave “. The Australian artist spoke via his website
The Red Hand Fileswhere he engages with his fans on all sorts of topics.

The song, submitted by a certain Mark in New Zealand, is not the only one composed by ChatGPT that fans have shared with the 65-year-old rocker. He has received dozens of them since the release of the new OpenAI tool.

ChatGPT can write essays, tell jokes, write poetry, computer code and songs” in the style of Nick Cave Since its launch in November, the chatbot has aroused amazement and enthusiasm.

Nick Cave: ChatGPT has no inner being”

If Nick Cave recognizes that
ChatGPT can probably write decent sermons or obituaries, he’s firmly entrenched in the camp of those who don’t see AI tools being singled out for their creativity. ”
Songs are born out of suffering, which means they are grounded in the complex, internal human struggle of creation and as far as I know the algorithms don’t feel anything
“, he writes. ”
The data does not suffer. ChatGPT has no inner being, he hasn’t been anywhere, he hasn’t endured anything, he hasn’t had the audacity to go beyond his limits, and therefore he has no not the capacity for a shared transcendent experience, since it has no limits to transcend.

let’s remember that
ChatGPT has no creativity in the human sense of the term. This is a language model whose algorithm makes a prediction based on a request submitted to it. He invents the most logical and credible sequence possible from the data that were used to train him. This is why, as OpenAI acknowledges, the chatbot ”
sometimes writes plausible but incorrect or nonsensical answers

Writing a good song is not mimicry, replication or pastiche, it’s the opposite
writes Nick Cave. ”
It is an act of self-murder that destroys all that one has striven to produce in the past. It is these dangerous, breathtaking departures that catapult the artist beyond the limits of what he or she recognizes as their known self.
“. article adapted by CNETFrance

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Nick Cave calls ChatGPT’s song written in his style a “grotesque parody” – CNET France