No! Brigitte Macron has never had a prostate surgery

Disinformation often affects the first ladies of many countries. Among the main theories, there is the one according to which the companions of world leaders are actually gods transsexuals. A thesis that struck, among others, Michelle Obama and Begoña Gómez. Now, it’s the turn of Brigitte Macron.

For those in a hurry:

  • An alleged article announces that Brigitte Macron was “operated on at the prostate
  • Many users have shared it, to insinuate once again that the premièr dame is transsexual
  • Actually the article comes from a satirical site, but many users have not understood it


The screen of a French article entitled “Brigitte Macron emergency prostate surgeryHas gone viral. “Beware of women who are getting a mutation, you can have a prostate too,” he writes for example this user on social networks. The same image was spread in different social networks And Villages. In some, we also read the first paragraph of the cited article, which reads: “It was this morning when we found out in the 8:00 pm newspaper that Brigitte Macron had been rushed to hospital La Pitié Salpêtrière to undergo a prostate surgery ‘.

Looking for the source of the alleged scoop, we are led back to a site: Secret News. This is the name of the portal where the article, in fact, appeared for the first time in 2018, and from which it was relaunched. In the piece, we are made aware of further details. The fact that President Macron’s office did not provide the public with any information on the conditions of the first lady French, the doctor’s alleged statement that the operation went well and that Brigitte Macron tolerated anesthesia well, even Pope Francis’ alleged invitation to the faithful to pray for her and for her speedy recovery. None of this really happened.

What, in fact, is Secret News? They are the creators of the page themselves to clarify it: «It’s about a means of parody collaborative free and independent », therefore« most of the information on this site is probably false, published for satirical and humorous purposes and cannot be considered authentic ». Revealed the mystery: once again, we are in the presence of a parody article, which many users have extrapolated from its original context and interpreted as truthful.


Brigitte Macron has been repeatedly targeted with attacks of this type. In the December 2021, for example, thousands of users shared posts that, in addition to combining radical opposition to Macron and transphobic overtones, questioned the French first lady’s gender identity. Her misinformation against her, wrote the BBC in December last year, she was fueled by the social profiles of her husband’s political opponents, including the aforementioned right-wing extremists, but also No Vax groups and members of the QAnon conspiracy movement. Last December, the teacher and wife of the French president announced that she would brought to court supporters of the hoax that she was “born male” and under the name of Jean-Michel Trogneux (the surname she had when she was maiden).

As the French colleagues of Afp factuela report of January 2021 of the US think tank Wilson Center explained how “The narrative of a ‘secretly trans’ person is a long-standing feature of online gender violence”. Indeed, this type of misinformation “assumes that transgender identities, especially ‘hidden’ ones, are so repugnant that once the truth is known, these women will lose all credibility and power.”


There premièr dame Brigitte Macron has never undergone prostate surgery, and is not transsexual. The fake news comes from a self-styled satirical site that many users have taken seriously.

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No! Brigitte Macron has never had a prostate surgery