Notice: The Legenday Pink Dots, Ô Lake, Madmadmad + Tago Mago, Water From Your Eyes…

New concert announcements! The Legenday Pink Dots, O Lake, Madmadmad + Tago Mago and Water From Your Eyes will be visiting us soon. Where and when ? The answer is here !

02/27/2023 – The Legenday Pink Dots @ Le Petit Bain

“Formed in London just 40 years ago and relocated to Amsterdam in 1984, The Legendary Pink Dots have known several formations, always around the songwriter-singer-keyboard Edward Ka-Spel and Phil Knight (keyboards, electronics), now with Erik Drost (guitar) and Raymond Steeg (sound). Constantly touring, they have released more than 40 albums, including the next fall The Museum of Human Happiness. A music apart, between neo-psyche, industrial, post-punk, noise, electro or goth rock, with a strong experimental / avant-garde note. If they have often been compared to Pink Floyd / Syd Barrett, their influences also turn to the kraut-rock of Can, Faust or Neu!. »

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03/14/2023 – O Lake @ Le Café de la Danse

“After having played in some of the biggest French festivals (Les Vieilles Charrues, Trans Musicales, Printemps de Bourges, etc.) with his post-rock group Fragments, Sylvain Texier created Ô Lake in 2017, a neo-classical musical project with pop influences, as romantic as the poem by Lamartine that inspired it. Delivering authentic sound poetry, the musician takes us to new shores where words are forgotten to give way to reassuring piano notes and the vibrant emotions of machines. Ô Lake reinvents itself and presents a new extended stage version Ô Lake [Extended]. Accompanied by the Elmire String Quartet and Gérald Rogez, composer Sylvain Texier frees himself from codes and skilfully mixes electronic and classical music. In concert, the elegant compositions of Ô Lake are adorned with subtle arrangements and achieve absolute grace. Combining suspended moments and skilfully measured post-folk climbs, the musician plays with contrasts and guides the spectator towards sumptuous soundscapes where melancholy reigns and where time seems to have stopped. Sound textures produced live, organic synthesizers, hushed piano and silky strings, the music of Ô Lake is cinematic. »

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02/24/2023 – Madmadmad + Tago Mago @ The FGO-Barbara

“Madmadmad – The group of musicians Madmadmad was born from a meeting in the studio in Tottenham (North of London). During their many recording sessions, they quickly found their musical signature: sounds both strange and rhythmic. Their album encompasses a wide range of musical genres, from disco to early 2000s sounds, and also from Krautrock to New York Noise, a real musical laboratory. Tago Mago – Under the combined effects of the announced sonic heating and a creeping rhythmic pandemic, a sonic volcano is erupting in Rennes. Its instigators are Joris Prigent on keyboards and Léo Le Roux on drums, two renowned musicians from the Rennes scene (Initials Bernese Mountain Dog, The Madcaps, Nebia…) driven by a fierce desire to experiment and create resolutely liberating music. »

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02/10/2023 – Water From Your Eyes @ Le Pop-Up!

“Water From Your Eyes, a New York duo composed of Nate Amos (This Is Lorelei) and Rachel Brown (Thanks For Coming), has been developing since 2016 their lucid approach to avant-garde dance music that combines austerity and satire, roughness and voluptuous sweets. All with an innovative spirit always out of step with the DIY scene in Brooklyn and elsewhere. It’s 2019 that the group marks its mark on the indie scene with the release of Somebody Else’s Song, hailed by among others by Pitchfork. Their LP Structure released on the indie label Wharf Cat Records is certainly their most beautiful surprise, with an explosive ambition that oscillates between irony and introspective erasure, whose influences range from Scott Walker to Climate of Hunter, via the works of the painter Mark Rothko. A parody of a concept album in a spirit of diversion mixed with real lyricism, which makes it an essential object of brutalist pop. »

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Published on 06/01/2023

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Notice: The Legenday Pink Dots, Ô Lake, Madmadmad + Tago Mago, Water From Your Eyes…