On your screens: returns and rereadings of series from here

New year, new challenges

Just one year after the broadcast of its first season, The red wristbands returns to the airwaves of TVA. The series adapted from an original Catalan program by Stéphanie Perrault and Michel Brouillette and directed by Yan England tells stories of very special friendships, those of children and adolescents who stay at the Source hospital for treatment. Nicknamed “the red bracelets”, the young patients, nevertheless sparkling with life, meet again in 2023 to face audacious challenges. They will also meet newcomers Rania (Alecia Haswani), survivor of a fire, and Margot (Margot Blondin), suffering from ovarian cancer.

For his part, Félix (Anthony Therrien) is awaiting a new operation, while Lou (Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau) is still hospitalized in psychiatry and Albert (Malick Babin) continues his rehabilitation. Even if they were able to leave the hospital, Flavie (Audrey Roger) and Justin (Antoine L’Écuyer) are not left out since they plan to live together. For his part, Kevin (Étienne Galloy) must begin his community work at the hospital, but one question remains: will he be able to stay with his grandfather?

New year, new challenges
VAT, Tuesday, 8 p.m., from January 10

From speed skating to tennis

In the same time slot, Noovo revisits its series Turn, which explores the other side of the coin of high level sport. Her first season thus followed the radical change in the life of three-time Olympic medalist in short track speed skating Frédérique Lessard, a character freely inspired by the life of champion Marianne St-Gelais. This year, Turn – Double fault focuses on Charles, played by Éric Bruneau, a professional tennis player plagued by performance anxiety, notably caused by his mother’s unattainable expectations. While he is thinking of retiring, an impromptu reunion will upset his plans and cause a new team to be formed…

Turn – Double Fault
Noovo, Tuesday, 8 p.m., from January 10

From web to television

The web series Completely high school is entitled to a new version for its transition to the small screen. The 100% Quebec parody of series aimed at teenagers — ex-fans of Scott Brothers will certainly find their account there – thus arrives on Noovo with unpublished episodes, but always as falsely poorly dubbed and a scenario as absurd as it is hilarious.

Allie Thompson (Rosalie Vaillancourt) is in a way the “American” star of the Noovo series. This “new kid” at New Garden Hills Valley High School has to face her worst enemy on a daily basis, the most popular girl in school, Ashley Winterbottom (Katherine Levac), whose boyfriend is none other than the athlete par excellence Brian (Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais). Caught in a love triangle, Allie can always count on her gay best friend Keith (Patrick Emmanuel Abellard) to open her eyes… And Completely high school gets off to a strong start: the start of the new school year is disrupted by the arrival of a “sexy dark shadow” student, who will undoubtedly make Allie, Brian and Ashley waver.

Completely high school
Noovo, Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., from January 11


Here TV, Tuesday, 9 p.m., from January 10

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On your screens: returns and rereadings of series from here