One Piece, the Japanese Navy pays tribute to the marines and the “justice” of the Admirals: it is controversy

Among the various factions existing in One Piece, since the beginning of the work we have been able to see how one of the most relevant is the Navy, which operates under the command of the World Government with the task of maintaining a stable, just and “peaceful” world ”. Its members are the guardians of justice and bitter enemies of pirates, and the Navy is responsible for placing wanted bounties on their heads.

The primary duty of the Navy is to apply the “concept” of justice to every criminal, but it is well known that various members often have different ideas about how justice looks in their eyes. In this regard, the importance of justice is such that it has become an iconic symbol of the Navy, which is also shown on the mighty overcoat that senior officers wear over their shoulders, which sports the inscription “justice” in Japanese characters on their back. .

Recalling this particularity of one of the most important powers of One Piece, the Japanese maritime armed forces wanted to make a sort of tribute on the occasion of the beginning of the new year, assuming one of the iconic poses of the marines that we have seen within One Piece .

The pose of the Japanese Navy and a particular controversy

The Japanese Navy, better defined by the term “Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces”, published on Twitter the image that portrays this sort of parody or “tribute” to the Navy and the Admirals of One Piece. In fact, in the photo we can see a group of soldiers on the deck of a ship as they assume a formation that turns their backs to the lens, thus showing how each of the components has the word “justice” on the back of their uniform.

The reference to One Piece’s Navy is quite evident, and has also been noticed by Twitter users. However, while some were enthusiastic about the quote, other users do not seem to have taken it very well, given the role that the Navy intends to assume in the society of Eiichiro Oda’s work.

One user argues that “Navy justice” is a shield that legitimizes the actions that are most convenient for the powerful and the marines, who without hesitation go so far as to massacre those who “know too much” or know facts they shouldn’t know.

Another user expressed his disappointment to see that the authors of this tribute don’t seem to be aware of the truth behind the Navy, arguing that in the manga the marines don’t have such a “glorious” reputation, being seen as government dogs that they worry about killing those who carry out “inconvenient” searches.

There are also those who instead affirm (probably with irony) how this gesture makes the Japanese self-defense maritime forces become “Navy”. Although in the West the two terms seem interchangeable, in Japan there is an important difference due to some constraints dictated by the Constitution regarding the country’s military sector.

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One Piece, the Japanese Navy pays tribute to the marines and the “justice” of the Admirals: it is controversy