Orlando: this imitation of his sister Dalida that he will never forgive

Passing through the show Chez Jordan on Sunday November 20, 2022, Orlando, the brother of the late singer Dalida, spoke about an imitation of his sister whom he particularly hated.

Orlando is not ready to forget its passage in the show Actuality in February 2017. Broadcast on France 2, this program embodied by Thomas Thouroude counted among its columnists the comedians Mathieu Madénian and Thomas VDB. On the occasion of the presence of Dalida’s brother on the set of the talk show, the two comedians embarked on a skit where they imitated the late singer, which hasn’t got any more in Orlando. “She squinted at Dalida. (…) The people on the side, they had the impression that she was looking them straight in the eye“, had notably launched Thomas VDB, when he had made up his face to look like Dalida. There are limits !had then risen Orlando, who was well decided to “don’t pass up” this sketch against Thomas Thouroude. Five years later, the producer still seems so upset against this parody of his sister.

During his time on the show Chez Jordan, an excerpt of which was broadcast on Sunday November 20, 2022 on the site of Tele-Leisure, Orlando returned to this episode. “Do we have to see this?“, was initially annoyed the producer, when Jordan de Luxe was about to launch the famous sketch of discord. The host did not finally broadcast the controversial sequence on the air. “I took it badly“, Orlando pointed out about this parody of his sister. Even if the brother of Dalida found have been entitled to an apology from the producer from the show Actuality, he is still very upset by this sketch today. An anger whose reasons he explained to Jordan de Luxe. “It was unwelcome: we finish the show and they play it at the end! Ridiculous ! They thought of making humor, it fell to the side!“, launched Orlando. “Myself, I can’t stop being humorous, because people who don’t have humor are sad people“, he also added.

Orlando on Dalida: “She was not cross-eyed (…) It was a slight strabismus which was her trademark”

However, Dalida’s brother made it clear that he “it mustn’t fall like a hair on the soup“, and that he”you have to stop the humor when it gets mean. Asked about the late singer’s strabismus, the producer then got carried away by saying that if his sister had really crossed, “She couldn’t have made Miss and had the career she did“.”After two or three operations when she was little, it left her with this look that was Dalida’s look. She didn’t squint like he did. It was a slight squint that was his trademark. It gave him a look not like everyone else“, also added Orlando, before concluding: “I have a lot of humor, when it’s funny, I’m the first to laugh, and so is she! But when it gets almost nasty, no!“. As a reminder, Dalida committed suicide at the age of 54 on the night of May 2 to 3, 1987, while she was alone at home. That evening, the singer, who suffered from chronic depression, ingested a large dose of barbiturates with whiskey. It was her dresser who discovered her lifeless body on May 3, 1987 at the end of the afternoon.

Orlando: this imitation of his sister Dalida that he will never forgive