“Our Christmas” finds a home in Mississippi: the place in a ball symbol of the Gabicce party

GABICCE MARE “Our Christmas” with events a Gabicce Maremonte will start on Saturday 3 December. On board the new Mississippi mayor, councilors and associations yesterday presented the rich program prepared for the holidays to come.

The brand

A “house by the sea” inserted in a ball of the Christmas tree is the image conceived by Laura D’Amico and inspired by the city brand Gabicce Maremonte: it is the logo chosen to explain the renewed Mississippi and returned as a common home for citizens. Its interior, the beach in front of it and Piazza Matteotti become this year the place of choice for numerous moments of sharing, initiatives and open-air meetings. On 3 and 4 December, the Visit Gabicce Foundation and the Lifeguards association will set up the Christmas Village of the Sea. On December 4, the Santa Barbara celebration organized by Anmi and a sand puppet competition will be held; at 15.30 in collaboration with the Associazione Vele d’Epoca and its ancient boats there will be the usual appointment with “Santa Claus comes from the sea”. At the same time the special market/exchange from voluntary associations. On December 8, two appointments: at 4.00 pm the concert by the Children’s Choir in Piazza Matteotti and in the evening at the Cinema Teatro Astra the great Christmas concert with the Queen’s Lyric Choir and Sant’Ermete, directed by M. Gilberto del Chierico . On December 10th at 3 pm at the Creobicce Civic Center the initiative of the Lions Club with the Istituto Comprensivo G. Lanfranco will award “A poster for Peace”. At 21 at the Cinema Teatro Astra “Tribute to Caruso”.

The schools

The schools will be staged on December 9 at the Dolce Colle primary school; on 10 December the primary of Case Badioli for the exchange of greetings under the tree; on 13 December the Ponte Arcobaleno nursery school in Piazza Municipio with “The signs of Christmas”; on December 18 Dolce Colle primary at the church of Ponte Tavollo. On 11 December, at the conclusion of the photographic exhibition “L’altro Mare” by Gabriele Nastro, the Il Fortino association will propose the story “Ode a Gabicce” at 5 pm.
In Mississippi on 12 December at 7.30 pm competition and charity evening promoted by ALICE: the four restaurants Ossi di seppia, Era Ora, Lo Squero and Il Grottino di Gabicce will compete in proposing traditional recipes for the first edition of this award . At the Cinema Teatro Astra at 9 pm on 17 December the theatrical comedy “The parody of the Betrothed” organized by the Multiservice Hotel Group.
The crescendo
Sunday December 18th at 3 pm, in the sports area, a party organized by Auser to inaugurate the bowling green and a recital of gymnasts. On the afternoon of 23 December, Santa’s little train will arrive in the Quarters; on December 26th and January 6th the Living Crib is renewed in Gabicce Monte and on this last day of celebration, in the village of Monte, the awaited Befana dei bambini will also arrive, a historic initiative organized by the Avis Comunale. The gabiccese bingo is played at the MCL Club from 9 December to 8 January. Info on the program is available on the website of the Municipality of Gabicce Mare tel. 0541-820614 and on the Facebook page.

“Our Christmas” finds a home in Mississippi: the place in a ball symbol of the Gabicce party