Pablo Lolaso ​​and the success of the parody: “As long as they laugh at me on Twitter, I will continue”

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    “Unpredictable, hyperbolic and asshole”, is defined Pablo Lolaso ​​(@pablololaso) in three words. But one of the most famous fake accounts on Twitter and the writer behind it go a long way. Miguel -his real name of him-has just published his second novel ‘Any past dead time’, and from time to time it is good to know who is behind a success in social networks, and how they manage it so as not to be absorbed by the good and bad of them.

    How do you create the Pablo Lolaso ​​phenomenon, explode and how has your life changed.

    I think so right now ten years ago, when the original Pablo Laso was preparing to play his first Endesa League final. He seemed like a parodiable character to me because of his way of carrying the equipment and expressing himself and I made up that account without much pretension. Little by little it has grown, I have been distancing myself from it and now it is no longer even a parody. We could say that it is a pseudonym that I use to comment on basketball in a humorous tone.

    My real life has changed little: from 9 to 15 every morning I am still a primary school teacher and I always say that it is my anchor, my ground. It is true that later I have been involved in basketball revelry in which I had not even dreamed of being and I have been able to meet and chat with people who recently were or continue to be my idols.

    Now people also recognize me a little on the street, but I can say that my day to day life has changed rather little. And what has changed has been more because of my natural life process: independence, paternity, etc., than because of everything related to the virtual world.

    And why adopt the figure of Pablo Laso to parody him?

    Because Pablo Laso is a particular guy and when he started at Real Madrid, much more. I was very funny how he addressed his players, with that torn cry and those classic taglines like “okay!?”. And then it was wonderful when he got a player’s name wrong or drew unintelligible things on the board. I think that he was already easy to parody. I just exaggerated a little what he already had as standard.

    About social networks: how to ignore a hater and what makes you lose sleep over them.

    Easy, giving the block button to the minimum. Before the pandemic I tried to figure it out and even take advantage of it. Now those who come to insult for the sake of insulting are unnecessary to me and I block them as little as I notice that they can be a bit idiotic.

    Networks don’t keep me up at night. When I had a son almost four years ago, two things happened: I relativized everything a lot and I was left with hardly any free time. Now I can no longer dedicate what I used to dedicate to reading and commenting on everything.

    Any past time-out (Corner)

    Do you sometimes take some time out to escape character?

    Yes and no. And I explain. It’s that I really don’t need it because I don’t live hooked or have the need to run away from the networks. So I have my moments of disconnection in the day to day. If at any time I notice that I have to escape from the digital… bad, it would mean that I am hooked or that I am taking paths that I should not travel.

    Do you have a relationship with Pablo Laso? How do you take that you’re more famous than him…

    Well little. Beyond some meeting in person that ended with hugs and laughter and how kind he was lending himself to prologue my first novel (before all this was back in the field) we do not have any kind of relationship. I’m not looking for it either! Maybe now that you have to take a break, you could take a little while to have a beer with me and we could talk a little about how life is going.

    And I’m not more famous than him, not even kidding. He is more famous, more transcendent and balder than me. The only thing I do better than him is write.

    Where does that writing vein come from and what will we read in ‘Any past dead time’?

    Well, we find a desired continuation of the first novel. I, a fan of Lost like the most, am one to leave endings open, to answer an enigma and open three or four more as a tip. People in this second novel are going to find much of the first: funny situations around a basketball team and the relationship between its characters, and a bit of intrigue that brushes the edge of the thriller, as Faustino Saez, of El País, in its review.

    The most important thing is that people are going to have a very entertaining time reading it. It is an easy and enjoyable read and the pages fly by. It is easy to understand and my ultimate goal is to entertain the person. And from what readers are telling me, it complies.

    Do you see an expiration date on Twitter and on your profile?

    That can only be said by the people. As long as there are those who laugh at me, I’ll be there doing them. No more. And if the story is over, from 9 to 15 I will continue doing the same.

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Pablo Lolaso ​​and the success of the parody: “As long as they laugh at me on Twitter, I will continue”