Patrizia Prestipino: “Bills and spending increases announced: hands off Rome, there is a risk of increasing poverty”

It is a bitter return from holidays for many this year. Autumn, as well as winter, which promises to be, will in fact be characterized by new increases, which will add up to those already recorded in recent months. From car fuel costs to heating costs, from groceries to school books.

We talk about it with Patrizia Prestipino, member of the Democratic Party, but first of all a teacher of classical literature, “with years of precarious work behind him, let’s specify”, spent between Eur, Spinaceto and Pomezia. “Precisely for this reason, in the Chamber, I dealt in particular with school-related problems. But also of animals, being a convinced animalist ”.

The root of the increases

The conditions for an increase in costs, as well as in inflation, were already there before the summer, thanks to the war that speeded up the times of a crisis born in the period of the pandemic.

“We have all seen what happened after the sanctions on Russia. All the gas taps have been closed. The last one, very important for the European energy supply, just a few days ago. A government crisis has slipped into all this, which unfortunately has not been resolved as common sense would have liked. Instead, it resulted in early elections. It all started with the internal problems of the 5 stars. Then the Lega and Forza Italia decided to bring down the government. And so, those who were able to go on vacation, on their return found themselves with increases on all fronts. Not only on bills, but also on everyday shopping, from milk to bread, to other foods. A liter of milk now costs almost two euros. But the terrible thing is that prices will rise again ”.

The big problem is that salaries are not going to increase at the same rate.

“No, they will be burned by inflation, as well as savings. Now Draghi is being asked for an emergency intervention. But it is clear that his is an expiring government, whose main powers have been taken away. On Tuesday, the Minister for Ecological Transaction issued a decree on what to expect for the fall. But only the indispensable was done, because grandparents could get their hands on the next finance company ”.

The situation in Pomezia

You are familiar with the situation in Pomezia, where you have also taught. What idea did you have after the fall of the mayor Adriano Zuccalà in the last 5-star fiefdom of the province of Rome?

“I can report what the citizens report to me. These days I’m shooting for the election campaign, which I carry out between Pomezia, Ostia and the IX Town Hall. And people feel lost and frightened by so many things. Before the fall of the government, the prices that continue to rise and now the municipality too. So it is logical that there is a feeling of confusion, but also of anger. People who told me they will not go to vote, because ‘nothing works here anyway’. It is clear that when there is no government office, which is a mayor rather than a minister, the citizens are afraid, because they lack the reassurance of a guide. As Dante said, if the ship is without a helmsman it is a problem, because it crashes. But, speaking of the specifics of Pomezia, many people said to me: ‘Oh yes, the mayor has fallen? And who noticed it? Ghost was and ghost remains’. All this, in one sense or another, increases the distrust of politics ”.

What is the greatest risk?

“Once again the abstention. That’s what I fear most. I know that every party, including mine, has made some mistakes, because there is no perfect party. There are deep-rooted parties, which have a history, like mine, which have a network of people who are close to the people through sections and circles. We have a strong and capable class of administrators. It is no coincidence that we often win in municipalities and regions: it is because we have good administrators. Competent, who have made a party school ”.

What path did you take?

“I started as a municipal councilor, then President, then Councilor in the Province. Then the provincial councilor and I came to Parliament with clear ideas of what it was to read a bill rather than a directive. Those who, on the other hand, managed to administer municipalities or other entities without training, then demonstrated all their inadequacy “.

The case of Rome

Excuse me, but we have Rome which is governed by Roberto Gualtieri. It does not seem that the city is in excellent health, despite a PD mayor like you. Problems are everywhere: garbage everywhere, urban transport, bad roads …

“Citizens undoubtedly complain about the situation. I can say one thing that is not an official defense, but a “technical” observation. This city had been empty for 10 years, between Alemanno and Raggi. I don’t want to go into judicial matters, but this city has had a horrible return to the world. It was associated with Mafia Capitale, it was called Suburra. Yet, despite this, Rome resists, with its ability to move forward. Compared to a city like Milan, which is much smaller and easier to manage, Rome has billions more problems. And if it is not well managed, as happened in the 10 years preceding Gualtieri, it takes time to put it back in place. We therefore need time, passion and, above all, money. The funds of the PNRR and those of the Jubilee are arriving. These, combined with Gualtieri’s new waste plan, will give a positive impetus to the city. I therefore want to trust the mayor of Rome. Let’s give him at least another year before we overwhelm him with criticism.

Rather, I am much more worried about what Salvini said, who, in case of victory, wants to transfer a Ministry to Milan. The League must stop playing the parts of Milan. Meloni, who is your main ally, tell the League what you want to do with Rome. If you become Premier, hands off the capital.

Rome must have its functions and roles. Indeed, a greater enhancement from the point of view of special powers. Taking away from Rome means cutting jobs. And therefore generate poverty. In recent years, many companies, such as banks, but also Mediaset or Sky, have moved to Milan from their Roman offices. All this impoverishes the capital and the Romans ”.

How do you plan to fight back?

“Obviously I applied. I think I can still give a lot to my college, that of Ostia, Pomezia and the IX Municipio, and to Roma Capitale. I believe in it so much that I chose a slogan in Roman dialect, despite the fact that I teach Latin. “Credemoce”. It is a bit parody of Salvini’s creed, a bit to use the Roman vernacular, because from Petrolini onwards the Roman dialect is funny, satirical, self-deprecating and certainly very effective in communication “.

Patrizia Prestipino: “Bills and spending increases announced: hands off Rome, there is a risk of increasing poverty”