Pedro Infante and the parody he did to the actress Libertad Lamarque

MEXICO CITY, November 18 (EL UNIVERSAL).- It was a success when Pedro Infante and the Argentine actress Libertad Lamarque starred in the 1955 film “Escuela de música”, by Miguel Zacarías. The film spent 11 weeks on the billboard of the extinct Palacio Chinese and broke records.

EL UNIVERSAL reported the triumph that the 56th movie of the idol Pedro Infante meant, in which he played an employee and adviser of an industry who has a fun relationship with a singing teacher, played by Lamarque.

The film was classified at the time as a musical comedy, in almost an hour and a half 13 musical themes are heard, among them “Guadalajara”, “Lamento jarocho”, “Brasil”, “Lamento borincano”, “Alma llanera” and “El Manicero”, are interpreted by the Mexican actor and the Argentine; they both star in one of the funniest scenes, when they both parody each other.

In 1955, Libertad Lamarque was 47 years old, while Pedro Infante was 38; For the idol of Guamúchil it was one of his last film projects, since two years later, on April 15, 1957, he lost his life in a tragic plane crash.

The Red Cross treated more than 60 people who suffered fainting, heat stroke, nervous breakdown and blows on the day of the burial of the interpreter of “Amorcito corazón” in Mexico City, seven people had to be hospitalized.

When the artist’s remains arrived at the Mexico City airport, chaos began amid a sea of ​​tears nourished by people of all ages.

In the film “Escuela de música”, where Eulalio González Ramírez “El piporro” also appears, there is a funny scene in which Javier, played by Infante, argues with Laura, the music teacher played by Lamarque.

In the discussion, the Argentine makes fun of Pedrito’s way of singing, while he makes fun of her peculiar accent and that everything she sings is done in a tango tone.

Pedro Infante imitates the steps of tango and makes the Argentinean mad; The scene, in addition to being funny, provokes praise from the fans of the actors of the Golden Age, who applaud how complete the artists of that time were, they knew how to sing, act, dance and make people laugh.

Lamarque amuses himself by imitating Pedro when he sings “I got tired of begging him” by José Alfredo Jiménez, and when he says his famous phrase: “Oh trompudas, if I die who kisses them”.

A medley of colors starring both is the finishing touch to this film in which both stars show off their privileged voices.

Pedro Infante, who before being famous tried his luck in trades as a bolero, errand boy and even a hairdresser, had already acted with Libertad Lamarque in 1952, in the film “Ansiedad”.

Infante acted in more than 50 films and his voice appeared in more than 300 musical recordings, but when he was surprised by the fatality of a plane crash, he was unable to see three of his films released: “Pablo y Carolina”, “Tizoc” and “School of thieves”; Despite the fact that these films were released when Pedro Infante no longer existed, they were very well received by the public, who kept them on the billboard for several weeks.

Pedro Infante and the parody he did to the actress Libertad Lamarque