“Per aspra ad astra”

We receive the press release from the Rende school:

“Introducing yourself is never easy and it isn’t, even more so, for one school like ours, full of many resources and potential, but which, objectively, recent years, it has found itself having to adapt to many and varied contingencies. Teachers and pupils, however, have never lost the confidence and strength to resist and to show the outside its own value.

Today, among other things, it counts on an excellent helmsman, the manager Antonio Iaconianni, who, with his innate enthusiasm as well as an experience that fascinates and involves, he immediately entered into harmony and sympathy with the school and local environment firmly affirming the need for a unique and innovative school.

Hence the motto, inherited from the Latin world, per aspra ad astra, which alludes to our past and describes the
our present, a present that we have expressed through an acronym. ASTRA, in fact, he doesn’t want to refer simply to a bright moment full of projects, but to all that will be implemented: TO of activity, St which stands for sports, T of technologies, R Of searches, TO which stands for advanced.

On the open days of Thursday 12 January, the IC “G. Falcon” of Rende-Quattromiglia presented, in the single complexes of the First Grade Secondary, workshops that tell the acronym of our motto. After all, an acronym is reductive for all that we have to accomplish and it was necessary to invite our future users and make us listen; certainly, the workshops are often a spectacle of knowledge, but, in a timely manner, they showed that, to our future students, we teachers of this institute, we will never give a single perspective to cross the disciplines; to the on the contrary, we will teach them how and why subjects are not watertight compartments, but they are constantly in dialogue with each other and that, every single aspect or step of what they will study, can be looked at from different points of view and in different ways.

For this reason, sports activities will not only be those related to traditional motor activity, but an agreement will be established for swimming courses with the “Rende Nuoto” company. Great space will be given to the experiential dimension through the organization of white week and excursions on a sailing boat. They will privilege each other, and they have been presented in the laboratories of the 12, technologies related to educational robotics and certifications EIPASS information technology. Speaking of certifications, “our” school has, and this already years, as flagship language certifications not only in English, but also in Spanish and French language.

But let’s go to the advanced searches which are not only those of the scientific field, but also those of the literary field. The study of the works literature cannot be an acquisition of notions that prescinds from the ability to go in addition, to interpret and reflect in order to make paradigms of them to be applied to even more aspects daily life of each individual. And, indeed, since ancient times, the first literary genres writings, like that of the fable, for example, or like that of the classical epic, had always the function of transmitting teachings through different models of life.

The Headmaster, Antonio Iaconianni, wanted and supported the updating of some passages or certain figures of the great classics of the history of literature and, in the various laboratories, this intention has been declined, for the Europa village, through a singular living room literary, beautifully set up, while, for the complex “Piscine”, with an exhilarating parody of a passage from canto XXVI of the Inferno entitled “The mad flight of Ulysses”. In this laboratory, the meeting was reproduced, complete with stage costumes, in an ironic key, between Dante and Virgil, Ulysses and Diomede, in the eighth bedlam. The pupils involved have also made a beautiful model of Dante’s Inferno.

The open days of 12, not however, they were characterized only by presentations and workshops: the instrumentalists, with choral or solo performances and there was no shortage of songs, dances and that right dose of lightness, which, Italo Calvino said, is never “superficiality”, rather it is the ability to cross and overcome “the swamp”. Not yet satisfied, the manager wants complete the details of a beautiful picture and, within this month, you will meet, online, the pupils and families of the fifth grade of Primary.

Barbara Gagliardi

“Per aspra ad astra” – The open day of the IC “G. Falcone” by Rende Quattromiglia as 2023-2024 – COSENZA 2.0