Polo Polo, “Mascabrothers” and more celebrities who broke it in comedy

Comedians Polo Polo Mascabrothers
His humor took him to TV and the theater. Photos: Getty Images | darkroom

The mexican comedy who once led “Chespirito”, the valdes brothers Y “Cantinflas” has had new generations and among the figures that have given continuity to this genre are Polo Polo, German and Freddy Ortega, Moisés Suárez and Arath de la Torre.

These Mexican comedians have made audiences laugh both in television productions and on stage. In this type of entertainment there are also contributions Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo with his famous “Escuelita”; On this occasion we tell you what has become of the faces that have earned a place in Mexican comedy.

Polo Polo

The comedian consolidated a career with his humor and his talent for double meanings. Leopoldo Roberto García Peláez Benítez Died January 23, 2023 at age 78. According to his son, Polo Polo died of natural causes after dealing with vascular dementia for a while.

Arath of the Tower

He was in charge of interpreting Roberto and Cuauhtémoc, in the program “El Privilegio de Mandar”. His characters refer to two politicians with the same name in the national sphere. He also appears in what was the return of the series in 2022.

Arath de la Torre has remained in force as driver of the program “Hoy” and in 2021 he starred in the series “Dr. Cándido Pérez”, the new version of the one starring Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, however, was rained down critics because not everyone liked his interpretation of the famous doctor.

raquel pankowsky

The actress was in charge of the character of Martita According to Fox, in the same political parody program. She died in March 2022 at the age of 69.

German Ortega

He already had to play two presidents of Mexico; He imitated Andrés Manuel López Obrador when he was still a candidate to become the country’s president and also made people laugh as El Innombrable, who made reference to Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

In 2020 he returned to television, with his brother Freddy, with the series “Relatos Macabrones”. The comedian duo also reappeared in the theater in 2022 with the musical “Lagunilla mi barrio” that featured Maribel Guardia, Albertano and Laura León.

Freddie Ortega

He has shared the aforementioned projects with his brother. In “El Privilegio…” he was Don Diego, parodying a famous candidate of the National Action Party (PAN) and also had the character of Montiel.

On one occasion, the “Mascabrothers” came to say that they no longer want to be confused, because it is something they have always dealt with.

Germán was no stranger to a controversy due to the age difference with his wife Cirstina Rubí, who is 28 years older than him.

moises suarez

The actor has a long history in the mexican comedywas Pájara Peggy, in “La Carabina de Ambrosio” and she also had her character Felipe, who made reference to Felipe Calderón.

The Tamaulipas comedian has entertained the public since the 1960s and has remained current on television as Don Arturo, with the series “Vecinos”, a production that has been running for 13 seasons.

Carlos Espejel

In “El Privilegio…” he returned to one of his well-remembered characters from “Chiquilladas” and once again, as an adult, he imitated “Cantinflas”.

He came to tell that for years he was banned from the television station where he began his career as a child. Every year he gives a acting course for children and adolescents who are interested in the medium of entertainment.

Angelica Vale

She has also entered political parody as Elba Esther. The actress was the star of youth soap operas such as “Soñadoras” and “Amigas y rivales”; In 2006 she starred in “La fea más bella” with Jaime Camil.

His most recent project was the animated film dubbing “Frozen Eggs”, for which he gave voice, once again, to the character of Bibi.

In November 2022, he unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Angel Pierre

Parodied Santiago Creel and Marcelo Ebrard on TV. She continued in productions such as “Vecinos”, “Dare to dream”, “La rosa de Guadalupe” and “Enamorándome de Ramón”.

He also participated in the return of “El Privilegio de Mandar” and premiered the show “Tenemos otros datos”, where he again satires Mexican politics.


The actress participated in “María de Todos los Ángeles” and She is famous for imitating celebrities like Lucero, Alejandra Guzmán, Ana Gabriel and Paulina Rubio.

In more installments of “El Privilegio…” she played Dolores Padierna and Rosario Robles.

Polo Polo, “Mascabrothers” and more celebrities who broke it in comedy