Preview of the new season at the Trianon theater, Nello Mascia conducts two classics by Viviani

In the theater, artistically directed by Marisa Laurito, Nello Mascia will present the third chapter of his special project, which this year consists of the two single acts ‘O cafè’ e notte e ghiuorno (“Coffee by night and day”) and ‘Nterr’ ‘a’ Mmaculatella (“Maritime port”) , which the great Stabiese playwright wrote respectively in 1919 and 1918, in the period close to the end of the world war, therefore characterized by a significant economic and social crisis. The production is from Trianon Viviani.

‘O cafè’ and night and ghiuorno: This unique act is set on a cold winter night in Don Alfonso’s “third-rate café”. In this text, for Guido Davico Boninothe author feels the “need to replace the en plein air of nine previous scripts with the space, collected and closed, of a miserable public venue obeys a precise choice of theatrical optics: Viviani wants us to see (and live) his world more closely (almost, from within); an even more degraded world of what he has so far accustomed us to ».

For Mascia, “the atmosphere you breathe there is an icy night, which belies the rhetoric of a city drunk with the sun, with the characters living their existential tragedy with all the skepticism, fantasy and self-irony of which the Neapolitan people are capable: laughs at the crazy writer who recites aloud the improbable script he is composing; we laugh at the unlucky gambler, at the negligent and vulgar waiter and even at the little family of the unemployed worker who has decided to spend the night in the cafe because he no longer has a house that can house them ».

‘Nterr’ ‘to’ Mmaculatella: At the dock of the Immacolatella, the “transitrancheto” Washington, with its cargo of emigrants, is about to set sail for Argentina. In this one-act Viviani faces the drama of emigrationmade more dramatic by the economic and social crisis originated by the war, focusing on four groups of characters: emigrants, poor peasants who have paid dearly for the travel ticket, overwhelmed by speculators of all kinds, beautiful energies forced to disperse in the world; first-class passengers, against whom the author’s mockery is ruthless; “Those who remain”, because they are forced; and the underclass of the port people.

Protagonist of the work it is the Lucanian farmer Colantonio who leaves with the family. His song is a heartbreaking hymn to all that the emigrant leaves behind, to face a destiny that is expected to be full of suffering and unknowns: “Today we are leaving for necessity”. To this emblematic figure the character is added by Mincuccio Bellonese, the most tender, the most lacerating of the whole drama: che moves away involuntarily by the group that is about to embark, distracted by the road, by the postcards, by the cheaters who offer him the game of three cards, but when he arrives at the dock, the ship will already be gone.

With Nello Mascia himself, who also signs the direction, and the participation of Giovanni Mauriello, in the two shows will be on stage Federica Aiello, Francesco Bellopede, Peppe Celentano, Francesco Del Gaudio, Angela De Matteo, Bianca De Matteo, Massimo De Matteo, Antonio Fiorillo, Roberto Giordano, Antonio Maria Iorio, Pierluigi Iorio, Matteo Mauriello, Ciccio Merolla, Maurizio Murano, Giuseppe Pirozzi, Serena Pisa, Ivano Schiavi and Federica Totaro.

The arrangements they are signed by Mariano Bellopede, who also takes care of the musical direction, and Ciccio Merolla. To perform them Francesco Del Gaudio (trumpet), Ciccio Merolla (percussion), Mariano Bellopede (piano) and Davide Afzal (bass). The sets are by Raffaele Di Florio, the costumes by Annalisa Ciaramella, the choreographies by Ettore Squillace, the lights by Gianluca Sacco e the sound by Daniele Chessa. Roberto Giordano is the assistant director.

The two single acts will be repeated on Saturday 24th, at 9pm, and Sunday 25th September, at 6pm. another homage to the playwright from Stabia: Vivianesque, contemporary dance ballet by Gennaro Cimmino with the Körper company. The 2022-2023 season will be inaugurated Thursday 13 October with La donna è mobile, the comedy – musical parody by Vincenzo Scarpetta directed by Francesco Saponaro, produced by Trianon Viviani.

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Preview of the new season at the Trianon theater, Nello Mascia conducts two classics by Viviani