Prince Laurent stages himself in a humorous video full of self

This Saturday, September 10, Prince Laurent of Belgium will be part of the very small committee of privileged guests invited to attend the civil wedding of his niece, Princess Maria Laura. Prince Laurent, never stingy with a little joke, staged himself in a short promotional video, in which he humorously evokes the marriage of Maria Laura, and winks at one of his most famous quotes.

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“Prince Laurent has finally managed to talk to an octopus”

Prince Laurent, 58, shared a humorous video on his foundation’s social networks. The brother of King Philippe and Princess Astrid staged himself in an armchair, pushing the parody to the end by even making accessories. He holds in his hands a fake National Geographic magazine, entitled Belgian Geographic.

On the cover of Belgian Geographic, we find Prince Laurent himself, holding an octopus in his hands. The cover of the magazine is titled: “Prince Laurent finally managed to talk to an octopus”. This is a great moment of self-mockery from the prince. On the occasion of his 50th birthday, Prince Laurent answered questions from his wife, Princess Claire, in an interview filmed and shared by his foundation.

Prince Laurent reads a parody of National Geographic magazine in a humorous self-deprecating video (Photo: Prince Laurent Foundation video screenshot)

“Can you imagine for a second the intellectual richness of being able to speak with an octopus, and to have its experience, to be able to converse with a fly, with a bird or with a whale? », Prince Laurent had declared to his wife. The quote had made the buzz, outside the Belgian borders. At the time, the French magazine The Express compared Prince Laurent to Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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Prince Laurent talks about the wedding of “William and Kate”

In his video, Prince Laurent also talks about the big event that everyone is waiting for and which will take place this Saturday, October 10… “William and Kate’s wedding”. Prince Laurent pretends to recover: “What am I talking about? It’s Laura and William! “. Prince Laurent will attend the civil wedding of Princess Astrid’s eldest daughter at the Town Hall, where only immediate family is invited, then he will attend the religious wedding with great pomp, with 500 guests, at the Cathedral of Saints- Michels-et-Gudule.

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This humorous video was actually a way to promote an event that is close to the heart of Prince Laurent, a great defender of the animal cause. He invites all Belgians to go, on September 11, the day after the wedding of William and Laura, to the Families & Dogs Day at the Château du Val Saint Lambert in Seraing. The event is free and the prince will be present.

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Prince Laurent stages himself in a humorous video full of self-mockery before the wedding of his niece