Queen Elizabeth II: Movies and series to learn about the life of the UK monarch

The passing of the Queen isabel II from the United Kingdom at the age of 96 has caused a stir around the world; Hundreds of personalities from the artistic and sports world have offered their condolences to the royal family, and millions continue to mourn the tragic event.

The life and long history of the queen on the throne, as well as the scandals in which she was involved throughout her life, have served as a inspiration to create series and movies that revolve around Elizabeth II.

If you want to know more about the monarch who ruled the United Kingdom for seven decades, we share some of them with you.

Series or movies to learn about the life of Queen Elizabeth II

The legacy of Elizabeth IIconsidered the monarch, was reflected not only in musical and artistic pieces, but also in film and television productions that seek to pay tribute to her.

If you are one of those who like the theme of royalty, we share some of them with you.

The Crown (2016-present) – Series

The production of Netflix -which recently announced the suspension of its recordings- is perhaps the most popular around the life and work of Queen Elizabeth IIapart from talking about his reign, it shows something about his personal life, such as family and relationships.

“This series, based on historical events, is a dramatization of the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that have defined her reign”, is what the platform shares streaming in its official synopsis.

Each season covers a certain period of time in your life.from her wedding in 1947 with Felipe, Duke of Edinburgh, until the beginning of the 21st century, which would be that of the sixth season, which stopped its production precisely as a sign of respect for the late queen.

The Queen (2006) – Movie available on Starz Play

This movie, originally called queenIt was written by Peter Morganwhich is behind The Crownand although It is not precisely focused on the life of ‘Lilibeth’yes it does with a event that marked the history of the royal family: the death of Lady Di.

This occurred on September 1, 1997, and although the British statement lamented his death, the royal family, headed by the queen, remained in apparent indifference since Diana had divorced Carlos and, therefore, would lose the treatment of ‘ Royal Highness’.

However, people’s rejection of her began to grow, so she almost had to react and pay him a public tribute.

The Windsors (2016) – Series

Unlike the previous ones, this series could be considered as a parody of what the royal family is presented in the form of a soap opera and has been criticized on more than one occasion for putting royalty in irreverent situations; in fact, being a parody, the events are unreal, although they are based on real events.

“This wacky comedy series offers a new look at the overly public fortunes of the British royal family,” reads the official synopsis provided by Netflix.

It currently has three seasons; the last one was released in 2020.

The King’s Speech (2010) – Movie

In this tape, Elizabeth II has a supporting roleand they show her from another perspective: when she is not yet queen, and her father Jorge VI was the one who ruled.

In fact, The king’s speech it revolves more around the monarch’s father, who suffered from a stutter and went to speech therapy with Lionel Logue.

Isabel’s ‘most innocent’ face is what the film reveals, since she was still a princess; the royal family received this production well since, unlike The Windsor’sshowed a event within the royal family without mocking of the same.

Royal Night (2015) – Movie

Like the previous one, this tape shows a princess Elizabeth, when she had not yet taken possession of the thronebecause it is located at the end of the Second World War.

Both she and her sister, Princess Margaret, wanted to celebrate “victory day” because of the historical events they were experiencing and to be part of the celebrations outside Buckingham Palace.

King George ends up giving them permission and, incognito, both go out to live what ends up being a night of romance and emotion for the princesses.

Queen Elizabeth II: Movies and series to learn about the life of the UK monarch