Queen Sofía responds to Juan Carlos I in the parody of the Shakira and Bizarrap session more campe

as soon as the Session of Bizarrap and Shakira upon Gerard Piqué, everyone thought the same thing: Sofía, warm up that you are going out. What started as a joke has become reality, halfway.

The program socialite has parodied the famous song but sung from the point of view of the Queen Sofia and addressed to the king emeritus, Juan Carlos I. She has shown that if the queen sets her mind to it, she has a couple of things to tell the monarch.

Like Shakira and Piqué, this story hides infidelities, betrayals and troubles with the Treasury. The emeritus did not change a Rolex for Casionot a Ferrari for Twingobut changed Spain for Abu Dhabi.

The song covers the great successes of Juan Carlos I such as his troubles with the Treasury, his hunts, his escape to Abu Dhabi and, of course, his lovers. That is why it is not surprising that the false queen Sofía, with a characterization worthy of Hollywood, dedicates some “bars” to corinna larsen and the “thousand lovers” of the king emeritus.

The song also takes a tour of the emeritus king’s misdeeds such as his escape to Abu Dhabihis hip injury hunting elephants and his adventures aboard the Rascal. Nor could that “I’m so sorry, it won’t happen again” be left out that he dedicated with the face of an abandoned dog after one of his slips.

One of the most remembered phrases from the original version is the famous “clearly” which is replaced here by the characteristic “campe-chano”. Do you remember that famous story about the time the emeritus was riding a motorcycle (in his youth, obviously) and stopped to help a driver change a wheel? How folksy .

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The problem is that the narrative has changed and now “he has a nickname of a good person. Heartyis no longer what it was” fits a little more to the events.

“Women no longer charge, women bill” Shakira said in one of the most repeated phrases. Although the emeritus king has invoiced, he has also had to catch up with Tax authorities. “The monarchs no longer cheat, the monarchs are taxed”, says the song.

Nor did it hurt to remember some of the scandals of the troupe, although those involving froilanwhich, on the other hand, deserve their own song.

That is why the song recalls the famous scuffle between Queen Sofía and Queen Letizia, since this time she is the one who has been abandoned with her daughter-in-law and not the other way around. And how to forget the infanta elena, with the entire Urdangarín theme, Caso Nóos and subsequent divorce. Perhaps she was not aware of what was happening, but what she is sure of is that she must be referred to as “Doña” Elena.

This recreation is the closest we will ever get to a Queen Sofía session with Bizarrap, which is why it has fulfilled the fantasies of tweeters in the absence of a real one and has left, at least, a vision of what it could be.

Queen Sofía responds to Juan Carlos I in the parody of the Shakira and Bizarrap session more campe-chana