Ramazzotti’s world tour, flag of our best pop, started from Seville

AGI – Elegant, charismatic, a stage craftsman, a craftsman like few in Italy, a country that often celebrates the pure incompetence of those who live on a quarter of an hour of light, strong from a hit, maximum one and a half hits, catapulted directly from his own bedroom in prime time music, a non-place that has become more and more a parody of itself.

And then there is Ramazzotti, an artist who managed to make the entire planet understand his idea of ​​pop, melodic, accessible, italicbut never casual, never thrown there by chance, just to make its presence felt on the market.

The first date of Eros Ramazzotti’s world tour, in Seville, in the Real Maestranza arena in Seville, tells us exactly this, it represents a zigzag retrace the career of a fundamental artist in the history of Italian pop music, one of the few to have followed a linear path without ever betraying himself, building a repertoire of enormous value, popular, conceptual, but also strictly musical.

The six thousand of Seville have bowed to the return of Ramazzotti, who manages to dismantle the bullfighting atmospherethe renowned Feria de Abril, of the place (splendid) with its genuine and romantic vision, with its music, played with real instruments, and remaining cool but not artificial, even sensual without ever being too alluring.

The concert opens with three songs from “Battito infinito”, his new album: “Battito infinito” (signed by his daughter Aurora, also present in Spain), “Ama” and “Solo”, which are the two singles that they anticipated it, songs brought home with undeniable profession, which if they convince up to a certain point (but convince) on record, literally explode live, they even seem written with this precise intention, which off record among other things, the same Ramazzotti confirmed with us from AGI.

“Where there is music” then opens to a roundup of old hits to make your eyes shine, clearly sung a little in Italian and a little in Spanish, does not change, “Twin star”, “If a song were enough”, “Promised land”, “Now you”, “Fire in the fire”, up to “Another you” and “Things of life” (which songs these two, so powerful and precise), the timeless hit “Most beautiful thing” , now one of the most successful love songs in the Italian repertoire and, above all, “Musica è”, an absolute, total, orchestral, epic masterpiece, one of the most beautiful pieces ever recorded in Italian. Safe.

The desire of Eros to get in touch with the public, to get in tune, physically, with his fans is impressive; he goes up and down the stage indomitable, allows himself to be embraced, touched, speaks to us directly, without filters, looks for the friends he has summoned from Italy, hosts on stage a Dutch couple who are celebrating 25 years of marriage that evening.

And the audience responds with an almost stadium-like and absolutely contagious litany: “Eeeerooooosssss, Eeeerooooossssss, Eeeerooooosssss”, and when he mentions a farewell from the stage they call him back into the cry of “Otra”, another in short, another pearl, a treasure chest to remember together that time that, that piece we dedicated to who knows who and who knows where it ended, that song that was spit out croaking from the car radio, on the road, in the summer, without air conditioning, and you sang it at the top of your lungs with your family, in one of the best memories of your life.

Because Eros Ramazzotti extraordinarily lives these two dimensions in unison, the management of a sentimental heritage of inestimable importance for the listener and the ability, which becomes more and more complex, it is clear, and in the new record it is perceived, it is physiological, it is not ‘is no harm in maintaining one’s artistic status.

Attention, not media, artistic, and this makes all the difference in the world. “My name is Eros – he says towards the end, on stage, evidently when he hears the show whirling free and festive – I’m not twenty anymore but I love music, I would like to die on stage“, Here, if we eliminate the final hyperbole of the declaration, which recalls rather sad events for the history of our songwriter, the summary of the evening does it himself, in a simple and direct way, which has always been his way the key to being Eros, without a surname, does not even serve, as a friend, one of the family, a musical, romantic element that guards our collective memory.

Point of merit for the talented Monica Hill, one of the best backing singers in circulation in Italy, duets with him in “Più che You can” and thrills.

Ramazzotti’s world tour, flag of our best pop, started from Seville