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The type of game he proposes Saints Row requires an in-depth and conscious analysis of what the saga was in the past, with ups and downs and moments of pure madness, receiving a good response from the public and critics but risking over time to become a sort of parody of all its predecessor (often being compared to GTA); therefore, today we will immerse you, thanks to ours review, in a world between the realistic of the new and the classic good old, and now all too well known, game.

Saints Row officially released on August 23, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC and Stadiait is the reboot of the homonymous series of games born in 2006, which goes to relaunch the history of Saints, a street gang in search of visibility and fortune in conflict with enemy organizations and, often, involved in extreme and absurd fights bordering on unrealism.

Version tested: PS5.


Our adventure this time begins Santo Ilesoa fictional city inspired by Las Vegas, and we will find ourselves competing for control of the area with three rival gangs: Marshall Defense Industries, Los Panteros and Idols; in this title our organization is on the verge of being born, but soon the situation will take off (or will precipitate, depending on the point of view) and belonging to rival groups will begin to lead to internal fractures within the group, with our comrades who will have to choose between loyalty and success, joining other “families”.

The history of the our character begins right in the ranks of the Marshalls, where he will broaden his horizons to associate with Kevin, Neenah and Eliroommates and friends who will accompany him and who will entrust him (us) with various primary and non-primary missions, some more sensible and others more in the classic Saints Row style.

The cast of protagonists it makes the game fun and allows us to identify with a close-knit group, such as that of the protagonist: we are talking about friends intent on facing any kind of calamity without giving up their bond; without forgetting the side inclusiveness (not particularly appreciated by many users) which goes to renew the general vision and over the top of the previous chapters, relaunching it in the eyes of the general public not accustomed to this genre.

Our main character will be totally customizable: starting from the basic body and gender, up to every detail that allows to obtain the desired result, thanks also to the clothing available later in the shops; same situation as perk and skillcapable of making room for our style, which will hardly be the same as some other player around the world.

In about 20 hours needed to conclude the campaignwithout taking into account the secondary activities, the storytelling turned out to be fun and pressing, but nevertheless we weren’t particularly impressed as much of the soul of the game is sometimes repetitive, without leaving a real sense of attachment to the characters, who lack exclusive and truly incisive personalities; nothing that actually demolishes the title, which still gives fun and a sort of fresh air, but the originality runs out after a few hours of campaign, which leaves us half satisfied in this field.



Side gameplay we see an evolved game in terms of graphics but which remains consistent with the formula adopted with its predecessors, perhaps even too much.

As in every open world worthy of the name, we will have a hub central from which the operations start, in this case it will be a customizable church, inside which there will be all the classic stations in which to choose and customize their means of transport and firearms; outside our office we will find ourselves in front of i neighborhoods of Santo Ilesoeach well identified in the game map, which can be consulted as in the previous chapters from the smartphone, and each will have side missions fun and very useful for obtaining customization objects, all this in addition to minor activities such as: the Jobs, the Discoveries and the Shops, collateral activities designed mainly to increase the longevity of the game after the end of the campaign, as well as other secondary activities scattered on the map of the locations in which to find money and objects and monuments to photograph to collect the story of Santo Ileso.

As stated initially, the graphics points out the intention of Volition to want to make everything more realistic and to break away from the first Saints Row, succeeding very well in this and allowing (on new generation consoles) to obtain surprising lighting effects that, despite the nature cross-gen, adapt to the reference hardware; the exclusive features for PS5 however, there are not many since DualSense: used very little and in few contextsthere has not been a great use of neither haptic feedback nor adaptive triggers, the only thing that saves this version is the ability to play at 60 FPS in performance mode, which is the minimum questionable.

L’setting it definitively moves away from its predecessors, taking us to a large city that is well diversified in its explorable environments, starting from the desert area up to the “luxurious” center full of lights, everything is designed in such a way as to make the presence of the open world feel felt, formula that for several years has accompanied us almost as if it were a must but which acquires meaning in this title, in which depth is given to exploration, all accompanied by the inevitable radio stations that propose classic rock songs and perfect themed music that we will also find in some cutscenes.

The flaws in terms of game mechanics are not too many, but for the entire duration of our test we could see evident bugs and lack of care in detail, as well as not just instability of the frame rate on PS5 when using graphics mode; the gameplay however remains good and certainly entertaining, especially when joining a friend in co-opwhere everyone selects their avatar and creates their own story by collaborating both in the missions and in the challenges, unfortunately this does not save the title from repetitiveness which risks becoming a heavy point to overcome.


  • Diversified plot compared to the past
  • Great graphics on PS5
  • The co-op mode makes the game more enjoyable
  • Attention to inclusiveness


  • Many stability issues and bugs (only partially fixed to date)
  • No noteworthy innovations
  • Overall gameplay repetitiveness
  • Few features of DualSense (PS5)


The reborn Saints Row had the conditions to relaunch the saga, but he failed to conquer us completely, given the obvious problems concerning a style of play that is repetitive and without particularities that distinguish it from the old titles; therefore we promote it, but with several reservations.

We thank the code provided for the review.


Saints Row Day One Edition – Day-One – Playstation 4

  • Witness the birth of the Saints – make your way through this spectacular original action story, filled with crime, extraordinary scenarios and fun surprises
  • Discover the Wild (and Crazy) West: Immerse yourself in the world of Santo Ileso, the largest setting in the entire Saints Row series, with its nine mind-blowing districts.

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