Rennes comic book illustrator Stivo parodies the world of superheroes

At 43, Rennais Stivo, whose real name is Steeve Augier, is a fulfilled comic book illustrator. For the past few months, he has finally devoted all his time to comics. “I dreamed of becoming a designer since I was little. But, faced with the uncertainty of this profession, my mother had advised me to train in communication and advertising. I had taken his advice and started as an illustrator in agencies, then as freelance. »

A successful comic blog

His trajectory changed in 2008, when he opened the BD blog Too many bubblesin which he recounts his hard life as freelance. “It was a time when comic book blogs were a hit. And me, I really got into the game when I saw my number of readers increase. I was posting one drawing a day. »

Invited to the famous Festiblog festival, he begins to meet other authors. Above all, he was noticed by Éditions Paquet, which commissioned two volumes of Duglythe story of a French bulldog, a noisy and fragrant little ball of tenderness which arrives in the life of a couple and which has many surprises in store for them.

A decisive meeting

“But for a long time, I continued my activity of freelance. I made illustrations for institutional brochures. I executed technical drawings such as heating systems, boiler diagrams, pacemakers. » He has a lot of fun illustrating around thirty boxes of party games for which his cartoon style works well.

In 2015, he signed with Makaka The Adventures of Jean Kaderthe story of a loser lad trying to become a superhero to become the most respected guy in town. “It’s not really a success, but it’s at Makaka that I meet Ced. » A decisive meeting since the two friends have been working together for ten years.

A superhero parody

Based on a screenplay by Ced, Stivo draws the trilogy mysterythen marvelousereleased by Jungle, in May 2023. “It’s a parody of the universe of Marvel superheroes”, introduces the designer. In this album, we discover that being a superhero cannot be improvised, and that the powers do not always work as we would like… and that it is often “loose”.

Hence the title. 120 pages of funny and quirky gags. After an encouraging start, the publishing house has ordered a second volume from the duo, which will be released in May 2023.

“It’s really nice to work with a screenwriter who is also a designercomments Stivo. He pushes me to surpass myself by ordering me drawings that are not always easy to achieve. Plus, like me, he loves superheroes. And we have the same sense of humor.

We also owe the crazy duo the webtoon wishlistwhich narrates the adventures of a teenager and a blundering demon granting his wishes anyhow. “The series will soon see the light of day in paper comics at Dupuis. The first volume is due out in March 2023 and the second at the end of the year.announces the illustrator.

There is no shortage of projects and Stivo now devotes all his time to comics. ” It’s so great to finally fully achieve your childhood dream! “.

Rennes comic book illustrator Stivo parodies the world of superheroes