Review of Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax, the new Guy Ritchie movie with Jason Statham

have a new movie Guy Ritchie in the cinema it sounds to many of us like having a new sweet on display in the window of a candy store… He is one of the most charismatic British directors of all time!

Hit the billboards Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax and it does so with a very interesting cast headed by Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza, Cary Elwes, Hugh Grant and Josh Hartnett, a dream team that is one of the film’s most important assets, given that it seems conceived almost as a germ. of a new franchise spies.

The fact is that it works better in the comedy genre than in the action genre, where it did stand out. UNCLE operation with a much more risky direction, more spectacular sequences such as motorcycle chases or more complex choreography. And it’s not that his humor is simple: it ranges from parody to absurd humor, recording the chemistry between the cast members.


Clip of Operation Fortune: the great hoax, with Jason Statham and Josh Hartnett

It doesn’t matter what, the important thing is how

The mission entrusted to this improvised group is an excuse to keep us interested for about two hours in their adventures and see the clashes and piques that exist between them, which is basically the essence of the film.

The British government hires Orson Fortune (Statham) when he discovers that some highly sensitive material has been stolen. However, as it is classified information, it is unknown what has been stolen, who the thief is and who he plans to sell it to. In a few words: everything is a mystery… without certain keys it is impossible to even think about how to recover it.

As he pulls the thread, he discovers that behind the coup is a supposedly charitable billionaire who actually has his own motivations.

In order to cast him an attractive bait, he is going to need the collaboration of one of the most important movie stars in Hollywood: Danny Francesco, an actor who is most interested in filming his own action scenes and who sees them over and over again. you want to withstand the pressure that falls on you…

And it is that on this occasion he will have to play the role of his life: be himself to track down and stop the sale of what was stolen in a most particular undercover mission.

As expected, Ritchie uses all the tools to make a parody of genre clichés: from the thinly veiled allusion to the exploits of Tom Cruise at the helm of the franchise Mission Impossible (this man loves metalinguistic elements, as he already demonstrated for example in The Gentleman), up to the agent femme fatale, international travel or countdown.

The usual tonics of his works, such as playing with the narrative, hiding relevant information to later make last-minute revelations, and flirting between the characters, are all present. It is missing, and that is a problem, as we said above, a somewhat more elaborate script and more action.

Operation Fortune

It didn’t seem possible that you could put black on white for a Ritchie movie to lack a pulse, but that’s just what happens to Operation Fortune: It is as if the editing lacked grit. There’s only some imaginative choreography and barely a fast-paced sequence in which Statham is filmed with the camera attached to his gun.

Simply put, it’s a minor movie by a great director. Are there reasons to enjoy it? Yes of course. the great aubrey square (The White Lotus 2) giving cool soups to his colleagues and bragging about his role as a sexy aunt is one of them but also the rivalry between Elwes and Statham and many other moments in which it makes you smile. It’s not by far her best work, but it’s entertaining.

Review of Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax, the new Guy Ritchie movie with Jason Statham