Reviews Series: The Good Fight. Season 6. Episode 10 (series finale)

The Good Fight // Season 6. Episode 10. The End of Everything.


Completing a universe as large as that of The Good Fight is not easy. Started by The Good Wife, this universe then continued in this spin-off centered on Diane (but not necessarily centered on Diane either). If the work remains remarkable, I find the end of this series quite strange. Apart from the fact that it concludes its story with yet another open door (Donald Trump’s candidacy for the future presidential elections of 2024) which echoes the worst obsessions of the series for the American tycoon, The Good Fight here delivers a final struggling to sustain the climax of the insurrection on the streets of Chicago. The Good Fight fails to deliver more or less what we want to expect from such a story. It’s a bit of a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the United States and at the same time we’re halfway between parody and a series with the heart to talk about the problems of Americans. By wanting to be full of stuff and not much at the same time, this final episode lets the season fall back a bit like a soufflé.

“The End of Everything” then leaves the series with the problem that it has always liked to tell viewers but has never managed to solve. In the previous episode, Neil Gross proposed to buy the Democratic Party in order to give it to Diane in management. All this in order to save democracy. But to do this, Diane must leave Kurt when the latter, a Republican from the start, cannot change sides and could be a negative weight for the future. This episode doesn’t allow us to really come back to that since the whole question around Diane’s fullness focuses on her love for Kurt (whom she finds again at the end, like a nice happy ending). Neil Gross also wanted with all his billions to buy Fox News in order to completely change the world of American media. These little dreams that must clearly be running through the minds of the Kings if they had the money to do so make no sense and give the impression of a botched end to the season.

Maybe because the Kings had a lot of ideas still to develop in future seasons but Paramount + said stop. They then integrated all their ideas into two episodes, even if it meant making it all indigestible. The fine line between fantasy and realism has always been a strength when The Good Fight knows how to use it well, but this season has gone a bit in all directions. The previous episode was so surreal that the big question was whether The Good Fight was actually able to wrap up the season’s story effectively. I don’t really know, but Diane’s problem, partly solved at the end of the season, isn’t really solved by the end of the series. This last image announcing the return of Trump is admittedly a gimmick that has also hovered over the series for years but which has no particular meaning or interest. Going around in circles a bit in this last episode, waiting for something to happen, The Good Fight struggles to do anything really impactful or memorable.

This does not mean that this episode is missed. Just that it may not be what I expected from The Good Fight. And that the obsession of the series for Trump was never this one to leave in regions that the parent series had been able to sweep in its own way.

Rating: 6/10. In short, a finish that leaves a bitter aftertaste. Not missed but not brilliant either.

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