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The Mexican influencer Ricardo Peraltabetter known in the world of social networks as Pepe, from the YouTube channel ‘Pepe y Teo’, managed to reach and connect with various types of audiences. He crossed the digital border during his recent participation in the culinary reality show ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, production broadcast on television.

His charisma, humor and joy made the fans of the show will empathize with him, In addition, they placed it as one of the favorites to win the prize for the best cook. Expectations rose after Tatiana, host of the contest, accidentally revealed through a photograph that Ricardo was one of the four finalists of the seasoneven months before the transmission of the last episode.

Finally, and after filming three different endings, Ricardo and the audience in general discovered at the same time that he was selected by the judges as the winner of the project. After this, the public was interested in learning more about his life and career, a fact that has not been difficult at all since the youtuber, comedian and host has been involved in multiple projects over the past two years, including the Prime Video program ‘LOL Mexico’, and sitcom ‘Supertitlan’. But Could it be that he is now joining the world of music?

Does Ricardo Peralta premiere a band song?

Last November Ricardo Peralta shared, through his social networks, videos in which he He is seen wearing costumes that could be linked to the ‘cowboys’ style or what the singers of regional Mexican music usually carry; however, the content did not make clear the reason why she was dressed that way.

Some considered that it was a new comic character, still others downplayed it Well, they thought it was one of the many styles with which he constantly experiments and some ventured to speculate about a possible musical release. The above due to his closeness and friendship with Jhonny Caz, vocalist of ‘Grupo Firme’.

This is the origin of the song with which he refers to Grupo Firme

The reality is that it is the music video of a very particular single. Ricardo was part of the new season of LOL Mexico, titled ‘Stars’, as it brought together all those participants from past seasons who were one step away from the award; Pepe came in second place last year, losing to Coco Celis.

The program consists of bring together a group of comedians with the mission of making each other laugh, The last one who manages not to do so will be the winner. During one of Ricardo’s routines, the influencer characterized himself as a cowboy and performed a band song he named ‘Forbidden Compadres’ of the band Grupo Guango, which recounts a hidden relationship between two men who identified as heterosexuals who by living together go from a simple friendship to having sexual relations.

For many this was one of the best moments of the season, and although it was just one of the methods with which he tried to win, the tune seems to be Iranian beyond. Formally, fragments of what will be the official video were shown, without specifying its release date.

The Diva of the band is coming”, he wrote on Instagram.


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