Richard III Invitation to the Court at the Pacta Salone in Milan: info and curiosities

Riccardo III, Invito a Corte opens the 2023 of the PACTA SALONE in Milan.

Richard III Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione Gallery Toledo. Photo: courtesy of PACTA Salon.

Each of us has his own favorite historical period. Mine is the one between the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the modern age. That period defined by some Sunset of the Middle Ages in which national monarchies such as France, Spain and England are formed, and regional states, such as the Italian lordships.

The reason of this preference of mine is as always to be sought in my adolescence.

After all, much of what we believe in and feel attachment to has a more or less direct contact with our first years of life.

One of the greatest loves that accompanied me from childhood to adulthood was Mickey Mouse children’s magazine.

Between stories I preferred there were those which revisited famous works of literature. I will never forget Donald Duck and the Lord of the Padello (blatant parody of Lord of the Rings by Tolkien), The Promised Ducks (revisitation of The Betrothed by Manzoni) or Little Big Ducks (from Little Women Of Louisa May Alcott).

Above all, I will never forget The Pear Arroweasy mangling of the novel by StevensonThe Black Arrow.

I liked the story so much that I catapulted myself to the bookstore to buy the original novel.

And from it I learned that in Englandjust a few decades before the discovery of America, between 1455 and 1485raged a war that went down in history with the name of War of the Rosesso called because of the coats of arms of the two rival families, York and Lancasteron which were respectively represented a White Rose it’s a Red rose.

Also in this novel I met a hunchbacked king. Richard III. A king that I would later get to know better thanks to the most beloved playwright of all time. William ShakespeareAnd.

Richard III Teatro Stabile d'Innovazione Gallery Toledo.  Photo: courtesy of PACTA Salon.

Richard III Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione Gallery Toledo. Photo: courtesy of PACTA Salon.


The hunchbacked and crippled Richard, Duke of Gloucester, brother of King Edward IV, a fierce and very ambitious man, aspires to ascend the throne and to obtain the crown he is willing to do anything. In order to achieve his goal, in fact, he does not hesitate to have his older brother, Duke of Clarence, killed and courts and marries Anna, widow of the Prince of Wales. When King Edward IV dies, he assumes the role of protector of the kingdom and regent, waiting for his son and legitimate successor to come of age. But his cruelty and thirst for power pushes him to lock up the boy with his brother, Duke of York, in the Tower of London. To definitively conquer his role as ruler he must eliminate all obstacles including the peers of the kingdom who line up against him. Having achieved his goal, he has Edward’s children killed, repudiates Anna and plans to marry his niece Elizabeth. But at this point the Duke of Buckingham rebels and, sided with the Earl of Richmond, attacks the usurper. Buckingham’s fate will be death, but also for Richard there will be no salvation: in the battle of Bosworth the Earl of Richmond kills him.

Richard III is one of the most famous and most performed historical tragedies of Shakespeare and for our own immense good fortune from tonight 12 January until 15 January 2023 will be on stage at the PACTA Salon.

On the contrary, Richard III, Invitation to Court it is precisely the show with which PACTA SALONE chooses to open this new year.

Faced with such a choice, we can only try curiosity and at the same time ask ourselves about reasons to open 2023 with this work.

Central to the tragedy is the theme of the thirst for power.

Shakespearein fact, questions about causes which lead to becoming slaves of this insatiable thirst and the effects catastrophic events it can lead to.

It is useless not to feel the profound topicality of the theme in a world like ours where wars for the possession of something are the order of the day at all political and social levels.

Richard III, Invitation to Court, produced by Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione Galleria Toledo and directed by Laura Angiullitells of a villainous hunchbackembittered against life and against others because of his appearance, overflowing with violence and perversion. In him the desire to become king merges with the lust for revenge and translates into a massacre game which excludes any possibility of reflection or redemption.

The same Laura Angiulli this is how he defines it:

[…] almost jester of himself. Constantly playing with the deformity that stiffens his acts (but is it physical deformity, or rather the mirror of a profound inner distortion?), Riccardo makes those representative patterns of violence and the inclination to crime his own, manifesting intentions of revenge against life, against nature which forged it ‘deprived of all beautiful proportions’. The ‘power subjugated to bloody action’ finds in Riccardo a rooting that excludes ethics and explains his retreat to the horror of the gesture: the value of life is irrelevant, crushed in a game of massacre that eludes any reflection on the act in itself. Even the cowardly cry that accompanies his defeat and death – ‘A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse..!’ – accentuates the vanity of an ephemeral success, and renders the entire construction of the wicked actions supported from crime to crime devoid of substance.

Richard III he is the crazy head of state who sacrifices his people for his personal interests. Richard III it was Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin. And who knows in which other personalities of the current and future political scene will continue to live.

Impossible to miss such a classic! Rush in droves!

Frances Wonder


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Richard III Invitation to the Court at the Pacta Salone in Milan: info and curiosities