Romantic Killer, review of the new funny anime on Netflix

Between what’s new on neflix octobera new anime series stands out: Romantic Killeradaptation of the manga of the same name by Wataru Momose, which from 2019 to 2020 has 4 volumes. The 12 episodes of the new product from the DOMERICA studio, directed by Kazuya Ichikawa, are currently without Italian dubbing, and are therefore usable in the original language with subtitles. Take a look at the Romantic Killer trailer.

The mechanics of love

The protagonist is called Anzu, is a girl who has not one but three great loves: video games, chocolate and her cat. About her Her passions keep her away from social life and, above all, from boys, an object of common interest among her peers.

One day, intent on spending the whole night playing with her console, her favorite game turns into an otome game, that is to say a life simulator, with a sentimental background, aimed at a female audience. Between amazement and confusion, here it comes out from the TV screen Riri, a magical creature who, depriving her of her distractions, with a few spells here and there makes her experience a real otome game. And here’s that Romantic Killer, almost making himself parody of love clichés, begins to be a funny mirror of the first teenage crushes. In some ways, some mechanics are very reminiscent of an anime which, after three seasons, increasingly manages to keep the viewer glued to the screen. It’s about Kaguya-sama: Love is Warthe animated adaptation of the work of Aka Akasaka. Love is understood as a game, indeed a battle, in which the one who doesn’t give in first wins.

In an attempt to escape this great weakness, the public witnesses all the true passages of falling in love, from the silliest to the most emotional. The comedy of Romantic Killer lies, in fact, in showing a mirror of adolescent actions and reactions, emphasizing their childishness or exasperating their tragedy, thus arousing a warm smile.

Beyond the smile

Romantic Killer, slowly, reveals itself as a work capable of touching deeper themes, related to the growth of its characters and its difficulty, as well as the complications of human relationships. Sensitive topics are covered, such as stalking and social anxiety, problems that do not leave one indifferent. That smile that accompanies the viewer until at least half of the season acquires, at a certain point, a bitter taste. The anime manages to go beyond comedy and sympathy, leaving room for important moments of reflection.


It is not only against Anzu that one can feel strong empathy. All the characters surrounding the protagonist gradually become more than simple extras, the result of Riri’s manipulation. Each with their own strength characterizationboth physical and psychological, constitutes a fundamental piece of the story, as well as of that growth path of which Romantic Killer is the spokesperson.

The style of Romantic Killer

Very faithful to the manga, and just in the wake of Kaguya-sama, Romantic Killer also combines the narration of reality with surreal scenes, often representing the thoughts of the clumsy Anzu. Imaginative images, to which a funny one is added character stylizationare combined with amusing musical interludes, in line with the moment depicted: heavy notes for tragic moments, bizarre sound effects in ridiculous or embarrassing situations.


All these elements make each episode extremely dynamic, in which the mixture of styles is not at all a disconnected whole, but gives further rhythm to the story, succeeding in lighten the storyboth visually and narratively. The protagonist, therefore, is the main subject of the comic vignettes that dot the work, which often see her as a strong woman who fights against romance. An image as funny as it is decisive: Anzu would do anything for defend your passions, those that make it different, unique. To pay homage to her interest in video games, Romantic Killer offers several quotes, starting with the 8-bit style opening credits. The nicest is certainly that of the videogame saga of Ace Attorney. One last gem revolves around the enigmatic character of Riri, who at the end of each episode breaks the fourth wall, addressing the audience directly.

Romantic Killer, review of the new funny anime on Netflix