Rubí reacted to Cesia’s imitation of Myriam Montemayor: “It wasn’t to make fun”

Cesia, Rubí and Myriam Montemayor (Photos: Instagram)

The winner of The Academy: 20 years, Cesia Saenzhas been involved in controversy after a viralized imitate Myriam Montemayor, who served as godmother during the Tv Azteca singing contest. Given this, Ruby Ibarra He broke the silence and defended his partner.

It was through a live with TVNoteswhere potosina mentioned that she had no remorse because of the situation, because even though she was there when her friend performed the cover of As the flower, did not actively participate in it.

“I really don’t feel bad because I never imitated her, nor did I make fun of her. ANDn no time did any of us do that“, he pointed.

Likewise, Rubí remarked that, after the events occurred, he limited himself to asking for his respective apology through social networks, since he did not want it to be misunderstood on his part.

“I think the one they attacked the most was Cesia, because Cesia was the one who was ultimately singing the song about Myriam (…) Cesia did not do it with a bad intention, Cesia already apologizedis a very nice person, kind, a little crazy, sometimes he does not think things very well, probably, but he is a beautiful human being, “Rubí mentioned during the interview.

It should be remembered that everything happened a few weeks ago, when Nelson, Rubí and Cesia were doing a live broadcast and, unexpectedly, the winner of the generation began to sing the version of Selena that Myriam Montemayor has performed on several occasions.

This time, the other two youths looked a bit puzzled and they chose to just wait for the Honduran to finish.

(Photo: IG laacademiatv)
(Photo: IG laacademiatv)

Thus, during his most recent interview with TV Notes, Rubí pointed out: “There was no reason to get upset, I feel that it was something that we were talking about out of the blue and something innocent, I already apologizedI have no problem with the godmother and I hope she has no problem with us either.s, I admire her, I respect her and I say it for my colleagues”, he commented.

We did not make fun of it at all, it was not to make fun of it or an intention to make fun of the godmother because it occurred to us, we are not that kind of people.

Once again, Rubí took advantage of the space to apologize to Myriam Montemayor and assured that when everything happened, she was aware of the reactions of Internet users.

I apologize if it was misunderstood. If the godmother or people felt offended, an apology. I do not feel bad because at no time did I imitate her, nor did I attack her, I was waiting for the comments to see what they were saying, ”she clarified.

In addition to the moment that Cesia starred live with Rubí and Nelson, the winner of The academy placed in your account TikTok a few days ago, some clips where he again played As the flower.

This fact caused great annoyance in the users of social networks, since they considered that although the first time might not have been a joke, repeating it several times it could be interpreted as an offense to Montemayor.

And the supposed humility and respect of her where it was”. “I liked her, I voted for her but with that attitude she already fell from grace. Either way, this is ridiculous. and Myriam is very loved by Mexicans”. “Debut and farewell”. “Too bad, someone who advises her well.” “But what about Cesia?”, were some of the mentions that appeared on this social network.


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Rubí reacted to Cesia’s imitation of Myriam Montemayor: “It wasn’t to make fun”