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To end the first block of the season, the Neversois, sanctioned seventeen times, were beaten in Oyonnax. At the end of the match, the Nivernais staff regretted a lack of fairness in the arbitration.

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Sébastien Fouassier, USON forwards coach: “There is a lot of frustration tonight. Our opponent is a big customer and deserved his victory. Congratulations to them. But we have a big problem with the refereeing. We just ask for objectivity. I think this referee has a problem with us. Our captain didn’t even have the right to speak to him, the one from Oyonnax could. We are on a parody, it goes too far. I still salute our state of mind, we did not let go. But it’s difficult to talk about anything other than hot arbitration, there is a problem of fairness. We had already experienced that in Colomiers with this referee. The players had no other solution than to put on the intensity, they sent each other. They couldn’t fight on equal terms. »

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Hugues Bastide, third line of USON Nevers: “We make too many mistakes and fouls, we take two yellow cards and it becomes very complicated. Our game is not yet broken in but we are not giving up. Under these conditions, we could have taken fifty. Commitment is the minimum, we have it, but we have to do more in the game. We are already focused on receiving Rouen. »

Joe El Abd, manager of Oyonnax “We showed a good state of mind, we defended the line well, it’s our first game without taking a try. Our discipline was good, like last season, against a team that is difficult to maneuver. We have a lot of things to improve, especially the finish. We have to score more tries, be more killer in the scoring area. »

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Hugo Fabrègue, second line of Oyonnax “We were expecting a big fight because USON wanted to make up for the points lost against Biarritz. We wanted to redeem ourselves after our approximate match at Mont-de-Marsan. We built our victory well but we lack details to correct, such as the touch. Nevers battled a lot in the rucks and they got a bit exhausted. We missed a few chances but we were able to stay calm. »

Guillaume Clerc

Rugby / Pro D2 – “A big problem of fairness”: reactions after the defeat of USON Nevers in Oyonnax