Rumors spread | Yes he said what he said

Maising the poor… For those of us who comb gray hair, those of us who still have hair, of course, we remember the comedian Beto the Apothecary who had a parody of a magician who spoiled the tricks by saying how they were performed.

Well, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador did something like this when he recognized that helping the poor not only gives him personal satisfaction, but that it is a political strategy because with this he ensures his fidelity. In short, they are corning them and as happened now with the hauling, if they don’t want to pull them they threaten that this help will end. But if they behave well they even increase them as happened now with the Welfare pensions. This is a totally populist act but no one had recognized it so as not to discover the trick. However, he feels so sure that the people will continue pulling, that he publicly acknowledges that this aid is a mere electoral resource. And what happens, nothing, because fortunately the opposition is silent as a mummy.

It was unintentionally wanting… In case tomorrow he comes out with that he did not say what he did say when he did say what he did say, his statements were recorded and verbatim he presumed that “by helping the poor you are safe, because you already know that when you need to defend yourself, in this case the transformation has their support, but not with sectors of the middle class, nor with those at the top, nor with the media, nor with the intelligentsia. So it is not a personal matter, it is a matter of political strategy”. In the event that the people of the town react when they realize that they are only cannon fodder for a short but valuable fair, it is something for the President to come out with that thing that sparkled and that it was unintentionally wanting to, as Chavo would say. of the Eight. But don’t worry, in this country they can say that and nothing happens.

They thundered the Totoaba Cartel… In the morning, the Secretary of National Defense presumed that the so-called “Totoaba Cartel” that preyed on this fish in the area of ​​the Gulf of Santa Clara had been dismantled. They presumed to have had seven. Wow what a rickety cartel. The truth is that no one was convinced by these data, because no one believed that only seven fishermen have killed the totoaba and also led the vaquita to extinction. Even the dullest know that there are groups of dozens of fishermen, distributors and hitmen who operate to achieve this product. In addition, there are so many boats that the vaquita marina is about to disappear. Maybe that’s why not even the government wanted to boast of this “success.”

They put on huaraches… Given the increase in Covid cases due to the sixth wave of infections, in some states they are putting on the huarache before getting thorns. In San Luis Potosí, for example, they have already decreed the mandatory use of face masks in open and closed places. But not only that, to avoid any risk with children and young people, they announce that on Monday they will return to classes in a hybrid way. Where there is a risk of contagion it will be virtually. They will dedicate the next week to observation to see if they continue or, they can return in person.

They go for the record… This year is key for the citizen organization Vamos, headed by Norberto Barraza, because they not only have to put up a political fight to get their district assemblies recognized, but now it will even be legal to force the electoral authorities totally devoted to the ruling party to give them authorize the constituent assembly. It is a very difficult fight because without a doubt the Government of the 4T have detected that this organization is promoting a true citizen movement that can have a high impact in many cities. For this reason, the open and public sabotage to prevent their district assemblies in various cities such as Cd. Obregón, Etchojoa, Navojoa, Nogales and SLRC, among others. However, it is known that the members of Vamos assure that they are not going to give in and that they are already preparing to fight, no matter what.

Family dispute… In some opinion spaces, it has been handled that there are alleged lawsuits between members of the cabinet. Come on, even from the same secretariat. The problem is not the lawsuits, because they always occur, but that they begin to be made public. And then the little wars begin on social networks and the media. Surely this will not be tolerated by Governor Alfonso Durazo, so do not doubt that in the next few days he will hit the table and put order in the house with forced movements. If there are “voluntary resignations” in the next few weeks, you will already know why.

Anyway, that’s why you better remember what he said cat maldonado, whoever is without sin, is that they have not seen it. Comes out.

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Rumors spread | Yes he said what he said