Russia, the New Year’s parody show on Italian music is a success. And now head to Sanremo

Making the Italian Song Festival speak foreign: this seems to be the goal of Amadeus for what it will be Sanremo 2022. From the return to the competition of the “imported” artists (on stage we will see Ana Mena, the Spanish pop star who conquered the rankings in Italy by duetting with Rocco Hunt and Fred De Palma) to the presence of international guests (a first coup the conductor and director artistic achievement thanks to Gianni Morandi, who will bring Mousse T with him to the Riviera: the German DJ who produced Tom Jones’s hit “Sex Bomb” will direct the orchestra for him): more than a clue suggests that all ‘Ariston this year will not only speak Italian. The latest in the series comes from Russia. He throws it Ivan UrgantTV presenter who is the Russian equivalent of characters like Jimmy Fallon and James Corden, who in the US and UK have rewritten the rules of talk shows (Alessandro Cattelan was inspired by them in Italy): “See you in Sanremo”, He writes on Twitter.

Russia, the New Year’s parody show on Italian music is a success

In Russia Urgant, 43, is a celebrity: launched by MTV, he gained authority and fame by conducting the flagship programs of the first Moscow TV channel, all of them “Evening Urgant”, and in 2009 he also presented the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. In Italy it rose to prominence last year thanks to a particular edition of the traditional Russian TV New Year’s show, “Ciao, 2020”: a special all declined in the Italian style and focused on homages (or jokes?) Of Italian pop classic, the one represented by champions of tricolor music such as the Ricchi e Poveri, Toto Cutugno and Al Bano, old Sanremo glories much loved by Eastern European audiences, who inevitably associated their success with the festival.

Given the boom of last year’s edition, Urgant and the executives of the first Russian TV channel repeated the operation again this year, replicating the formula with “Ciao, 2021”: a parody of Italian music programs, from Discoring to same Sanremo Festival, conducted in Italian with Russian subtitles by Urgant himself – Giovanni Urganti – with real Russian singers called to dress up as Italian pop stars of the 1980s and sing songs in a deliberately nonsense Italian.

To say. Dead Blonde, 22-year-old star who has depopulated on TikTok with his songs, becomes Dead Blonde and sings the hilarious “The boy with the station wagon”: “My boyfriend drives a Fiat / in the middle of the night looking for trouble / but we are a cool couple / and you bamboccio alone will remain “. The Russian rapper Basta and the singer Polina Gagarina improvise the duo of Vasco Vaculecci and Gaga Rini and with their “Sanremo” they pay homage to the Festival: “When we are not there / the Sanremo Festival / will continue / and the success will remain”.

The hashtag # Ciao2021 has entered among the Twitter trends in Italy and the full video of the show is first among those of YouTube, with 1.2 million views in less than a day. Angelo Sotgiu and Angela Brambati of Ricchi e Poveri also connected with the show for a video greeting in Russian to the spectators. And so did Al Bano and Toto Cutugno too. Not only that: during the special, a video message from Fedez was also broadcast, also in Russian. And in the end a video was shown in which President Vladimir Putin, with the Colosseum behind him, greeted the spectators, this time in Italian: “The year 2021 is going away. It has been a far from easy year. But the difficulties we encountered made us even more united and compact. We have a very large, beautiful country. And if there is a real desire to do something we will do it and we will do it ”. Clearly a deep fake. Urgant had said he was willing to join Amadeus at the Ariston already last year, but the difficulties related to the pandemic probably complicated the conductor’s trip. Who knows that 2022 is not a good year to see Urgant at the Ariston, perhaps with the protagonists of the cast of his “Ciao 2021”?

Russia, the New Year’s parody show on Italian music is a success. And now head to Sanremo