Sabina Guzzanti and Giorgio Tirabassi on stage at the Sirena theater in Francavilla

Monday 23 January (after the postponement at the beginning of the month), at 21, for the theater season set up inside the Sirena Auditorium in Francavilla al Mare with the artistic direction of maestro Davide Cavuti, the show “The green hills of Africa” ​​will be staged with Sabina Guzzanti and Giorgio Tirabassi, written and directed by Sabina Guzzanti and inspired by the text “Insulting the public” by Peter Handke.

“A provocative and irreverent text that deliberately does not tell anything, in fact, there is no story, nor a set design and not even the characters – reads a note to the show – The only thing that remains is the audience and the vital energy of one of the freest and most creative authors on the Italian scene who will target the habits and intellectual torpor of the spectators, placing them at the center of a fun and irreverent game. This was what Handke wanted, and this is what Sabina Guzzanti will give us. A show but above all a game that revolves around a very serious confrontation on theater and its essence”.

Sabina Guzzanti is recognized as one of the stars of Italian comedy and satire. In her career, developed mainly in television, but also successfully in cinema and theatre, she has been able to create memorable characters through the wise and chameleon-like use of satirical parody. In 2005 Sabina Guzzanti presented the documentary film “Viva Zapatero!” which denounces the lack of freedom of information in Italy with the contribution of satire comedians from other European countries. You then directed the films for the cinema “The reasons for the lobster” (2007), “Draquila-L’Italia che trema” (2010) and “The negotiation” (2014), whose central theme is that of the so-called State negotiation -mafia.

Giorgio Tirabassi has a long career in theatre, television and cinema. In 1982 he joined Gigi Proietti’s company for 9 years and took part in important films such as “Verso sera”, “Un’altra vita”, “Il branco”, “La cena” and “Paz!”. In 1996 he was the professor in “The class is not water”. The great success comes in 2000 with “Police District” where it is Roberto Ardenzi who from chief inspector gets to be Commissioner of X Tuscolano. In 2014 he excites the public in the role of Paolo Borsellino for the homonymous TV film. In 2007 he was Glauco in “Boris”, while in 2008 he was professor Antonio Cicerino in “I Liceali”.

The theater season will continue in the month of February with three appointments: the show “My songs from others” by and with Neri Marcorè (February 4); for the music section, the concert (February 17) by the well-known composer Michel Portal, winner of three “César Awards” as best soundtrack composer and icon of European jazz (accompanied by Paul Lay at the piano); Remo Girone with the show “The Nazi hunter” (February 26).

Sabina Guzzanti and Giorgio Tirabassi on stage at the Sirena theater in Francavilla