• 1 Theater for young audiences at La Passerelle

  • In co-production with the festival Beautiful tomorrows, the briochine national scene presents “On the uncertain future of the marvelous world in which we live”, by the Rennes company Le Bob Théâtre?. A musical comedy parody where fiery songs, exalted choreography, colorful costumes and lights are summoned to talk about Nina’s future. A young girl too nice for the society in which she evolves. Saturday, November 26, at 3 p.m., at Gateway. From 9 years old. From 6 to 10 €.

  • 2 French Rap at Bonjour Minuit

  • Two artists for a 100% French rap set at Hello Midnight this Saturday. For Eesah Yasuke, rap is a refuge. The young woman from Roubaix rejects self-pity about her experience and prefers to leave it with a reflection on surpassing oneself. A rocky tone to highlight the finesse of his texts, an overflowing musicality: this is the artistic signature of the Le Havre rapper Médine. Saturday November 26, at 8:30 p.m., at Bonjour Minuit. From 5 to 16 €.

    Le Havre rapper Médine. (Hello Minuit/François Vallée)

  • 3 Ouïr’Lire Festival in Ploeuc-L’Hermitage

  • About twenty publishers and forty authors are expected at the Ouïr’Lire book festival, on November 26 and 27 at the village hall of Ploeuc-L’Hermitage. Novels, children’s books and comics will be there. Students from the music schools of Ploeuc-L’Hermitage and Plédran will bring a musical touch to this second edition on the theme of nature. The weekend will be punctuated by meetings with authors, workshops for children and adults, a treasure hunt, reading activities, shows and musical awakenings. Free.

    After shouting on the market for several years, Gaspard Verdure is relaunching the formula but in a more individualized way.
    Saturday evening, as part of the Ouïr’Lire festival, Gaspard Verdure will present a tailor-made show where tenderness, humor, poetry and rock’n’roll will be on the agenda. (Archives The Telegram / Gwénaëlle Le Ny)

  • 4 Festival Bar-Bars in Cessonnais

  • The neighborhood bistro The Cessonnaisin Saint-Brieuc, joins the Culture Bar-Bars festival November 24-26. On the programme: Thursday, from 8 p.m., blues-rock with Double Kick (Bordeaux) and Broken Waltz (Saint-Brieuc); Friday, electro evening, from 7 p.m., with ZenCool (Lorient) and Katell Mixette (Rennes); Saturday, from 1 p.m., “Saturday is Kermesse Ras le Frifri! » (games to do battle with the injunctions to be gentle women and virile men), clownish interventions by Elsa Foucaud Foucade and DJ set by Vendange Tardive. Free.

    Broken Waltz, on the Grand Pré stage
    The group Broken Waltz will present its inhabited blues-rock at the “Cessonnais”, Thursday evening. (Archives The Telegram)

  • 5 Stage Hillion Magic Festival

  • Orchestrated by the Breizh’n’Magic association, the festival Hillion on stage, launched in 2019 by Anthony Riou and Kevin Assension, returns on November 26?. On the program for this 2022 edition: Pierre Spiry, magician; Xavier Bouyer, tightrope walker; Gildas Borghetto, mentalist. Saturday 26 November, at 8.30 p.m., at Espace Georges-Palante, Hillion. From 7 years old. Price: €15. Reservations at the town hall (Monday to Friday): 02 96 32 21 04.

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