Sartre, Claude François… The parody clip of Ukraine to push France to send him Leclerc tanks

The way is atypical to say the least. Desperate to see its allies send it the tanks that Ukraine so badly needs, its Ministry of Defense posted a humorous spot online this Thursday to mock French hesitations and encourage France to deliver Leclerc tanks to it.

What do Claude François, Jean-Paul Sartre and the Leclerc tank have in common? All are gathered in a clip released this Thursday by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on Twitter. The objective, transparent, of this spot is to push France to stop procrastinating and to deliver Leclerc tanks to help it repel the Russian invader.

Sweep away hesitations

It must be said that on Wednesday, Sébastien Lecornu, Minister of the Armed Forces, explained to senators that France wanted to ship AMX-10RC reconnaissance armored vehicles to the Ukrainian front but hesitated to provide Leclerc tanks. According to our information, the Elysée is planning to send some, but only a “symbolic number”.

Ukraine, however, has a crying need for tanks. Last December, the chief of staff of the Ukrainian armies, Valéri Zaloujny, thus claimed “300” to outdo the Russians.

However, a month later, the country sees nothing coming, with the exception of the arrival of 14 British Challenger 2s, and is still waiting for the German Leopard 2s like the French Leclercs. Also the spot published this Thursday by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is intended to hasten the dispatch of the precious armored vehicles.

Very “1960s-1970s”

Dressed in typography, colors and a grain evoking the 1960s-1970s, the images of the clip are intended as a parody of the promotional video for the “brand new” Leclerc tank or rather “Leclerc supermini”, a nickname that tends to present this heavy armored car as a city car.

The reference to the “Glorious Thirty” does not stop there. This 45-second clip is accompanied by the voice of Claude François interpreting his Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Then, a quotation from the writer Jean-Paul Sartre appears on the screen very appropriately: “As regards the tanks, I am not interested in what they are but in what we could do.”

A way for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to accuse France of getting entangled in an excess of caution. The tweet is also topped with the following caption: “Westerns philosophize about what a tank is and what it is not. So, we too, sure” (In french in the text).

“Compact”, “sporty”, “easy to park”

The video shows Leclerc tanks during parades on July 14, or in the middle of a maneuver, against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower or Place de la Concorde, and lists the qualities of the tank in an ironic mode: it is said to be “compact”, ” sporty” and “easy to park”. The false advertisement ends with this strong joke: “Because it’s not the size that counts, it’s the way you use it”.

Will the parody get the better of the executive’s scruples? In this regard, it is probably safer to rely on negotiations between the Elysée and kyiv.

Robin Verner BFMTV journalist

Sartre, Claude François… The parody clip of Ukraine to push France to send him Leclerc tanks