Satire. The parody of Prince Harry’s book is popular on the net. To die laughing

The satire – parody of the ‘book of the prince’ written by Fabio Boni and entrusted to social networks is depopulating on the web, and collecting a lot of amused comments. We have chosen to relaunch it to share a bit of hilarity and lightness with our readers. Free adaptation of the events of the royal family by Fabio Boni:

The book begins like this (curtain opens):

Ermengarda (the old woman): “my son, you’re a wimp you can’t continue being a big baby always attached to your mother’s skirt you have to get married”

Ciccio (the son): “mother I’ve decided I want to marry Babbiona”

E: “yes hello, you have to marry Sissi”

C: “okay mom but I love Babbiona just know that”

Ciccio marries Sissi and on the first evening of the wedding he gets long with emotion and Sissi becomes pregnant and after a few months she gives birth to little Walter.

Sissi turned gray playing mothers, buys the Bimby to make baby food, the Foppapedretti high chair, nurses poo diapers, in short, always obsessed with being a mother, she is no longer behind Ciccio as she used to be.

Ciccio poor Ciccio besides, the Thermomix doesn’t like the pumpkin soup at all, every evening it makes him sour he gets invited by Babbiona who makes an old hen broth to resurrect the dead.

And you always fall in love and fall back on it.

Sissi is suspicious because Ciccio always comes back late one day she discovers the chat with Babbiona on Ciccio’s Samsung Galaxy but more than the big trumpet with Babbiona he gets choked up with the story of the 10 broth and the velvety that Ciccio couldn’t stand anymore and his vein is plugged and in revenge she gives it to Primo who passes .. but porc o la doesn’t get pregnant and usual time 9 gives birth to the second born Helvis.

In the meantime, Ciccio doesn’t notice anything but at home everyone giggles left and right also because Helvis is all his father, Primo che passa.

One day Ciccio eats the leaf.

And he says listen Sissi I’m going to dinner at Babbiona’s who made old hen broth and I won’t go back to sleep, you do as you like.

Sissi jealous march has a very high nerve like any woman thrown from a horse especially if the horse is a horse with all the riders, and to make Ciccio jealous she pretends to lose her head for Dudù the King of Camels.

But Ciccio matters saw. He goes to drink the hot consommé at Babbiona’s and take a nap after dinner to watch Dancing under the stars on the sofa she’s fine.

Meanwhile Ermengarde this thing about Dudu mutters loudly.

Sissi and Dudù lead a good life but she is always jealous and gets advice from her friends from Windsor and calls the paparazzi to tell where she goes to secretly kiss with Dudu to anger Ciccio.

But nothing, photo here photo Ciccio imports saw.

Ermengarde in the meantime, however, they begin to turn to him “I had combined the perfect papocchio and instead these heads of minnieminoprio look how they do … now I’ll fix them all”

He calls James Bond and explains the situation to him, he doesn’t have time to hang up the phone when Sissi and Dudu the King of Camels crash under the bridge at the Tower before San Piero.

And they certainly die of course the car has nothing left: but boh no corpses.

Casino .. the world comes down .. funeralone, Elio e Storie Tese and Cristiano Malgioglio sing the Requiem at the solemn mass.

In order not to be seen, Ciccio always sleeps at Babbiona’s house.

Meanwhile, Walter finds a super girlfriend Katerin with a discreet and also wide-sleeved sister.

Helvis has all the chatter on his mind, first he wants to be a sailor then the PlayStation 4 then the helicopter then the tank in short he has no firmness. She drinks like a sponge they even catch her groping asses on the stages at the Giotto for Carnival.

But here comes one day a very peppery nerina, Deneris Targarian, known as the mother of Dragons, and she has a lively eye and says petta, here’s something to pick up and first she makes Helvis sniff it and then she hits his head and says you are a lot better looking and better than your brother Walter who is a big baby, it can’t go on like this.

Helvis takes the bait like a trout and says yes I know I’m much better but the coach always makes him play starter and I instead stay on the bench. Oh well look let’s sell everything and go to America.

They sell everything, securities fund, BTP, house, field, animals and gnocchi and go to America.

When Ermengarde learns that they have sold Uncle Scrooge’s memorabilia to Rockerduck, he has palpitations.

Grandfather Pippo husband of Ermengarda worse I feel suddenly dying of pain.

They don’t have time to say goodbye to grandfather Pippo, Helvis and Deneris leave for the USA, with grandmother Ermengarda muttering more and more mavvaeavaeavaea.

To Helvis in the USA from home banking he thought he had enough to stay there for several years but damn it all costs more expensive in America, Deneris sticks to the outlet, in the USA Gucci bags cost twice as much Prada shoes the same time two Helvis and Deneris don’t have a pocket for a penny.

Denis leaves the dragons nervous because one day they even block his credit card.

Helvis tries to tell him listen to Deneris but there are four rooms full of all these Gucci bags and Prada shoes you don’t stay at home anymore, if he brought some back to the shop?? He had never said it Deneris restarts the dragons and poor Helvis reddens his fur even more.

In the meantime, the bank has to repay the convenient installments of Deners’ Mastercard so he knocks on Grandma Ermengarda and presents him with the blocked credit card bill and Deners’ cabriolet checks … Ermengarde sees the amount, takes a hit and clogs them.

Deneris when she knows that Ermengarda is no longer here all happy she says shut up now she’s inheriting but soon discovers that her grandmother had left everything to Walter, I’m not going to tell you how badly she takes it.

But he thinks, Deneris tells Helvis listen on an Instagram page all in fashion I met a certain Soumahoro in Italy who has earned a lot of money writing a book, look put yourself there and write something a story a story the story of your in short, life something so you pay the installments and I promise you if you do it I’ll also bring back some Gucci bags.

Helvis happy as a Easter goes on Instagram, asks Soumahoro for friendship and sees the heartbreaking story, the migrants, you want me dead, the right to elegance and takes good care of him.

If he could do it with a wife and a mother-in-law like this I can do it too.

In short, he says now I write the book and then they invite me to Propaganda live and so I sell a bunch of copies and then maybe they can candidate me for elections with Emanuele di Savoia on the list next to me.

And start writing like crazy pages pages pages ..

Here’s the story.

[spoilerone / leggere solo se vuoi sapere come va a finire]

It ends up that Ciccio and Babbiona in the evening broth Porta a Porta and then in bed, Sissi and Dudu find them that they weren’t dead but were hidden in the Caymans, and worse I feel it turns out right at the end that Deneris was the cousin of Soumahoro’s wife.

Satire. The parody of Prince Harry’s book is popular on the net. To die laughing