Sebastien Thoen: the miracle of Bolloré

The miracle of Bolloré

That would make a good nickname for Sébastien Thoen, wouldn’t it?

Fired from Canal+ two years ago, Thoen made a remarkable comeback.

He had already become one of the voices of our comrades from the Big Heads in the afternoon. Since the start of the school year, he has also had his own morning column on RTL.

And now he has just released his first book: “Chagrin d’humour”. A book to purge the wound Canal… And remake the thread of a still young career, the boy is only 45 years old.

For our listeners to whom this name means nothing, let me tell you a word about it… Sébastien Thoen is a comedian. A guy with a nasty sense of humor who made himself known under a hood, that of Action Discreet, a Canal+ hidden camera program made with his schoolboy friends in the mid-2000s. He also went through the famous “Journal hard”… I’m a fan of the captions he puts under his Instagram photos…

Thoen was really a Canal kid. You know, of this famous “Canal spirit”… Except that the Canal spirit has lived.

What happened ?

November 2020, with his former friends from Action Discreet, he makes fun of “L’heure des Pros” by Pascal Praud, CNews’ flagship program. The parody becomes L’heure des pronos… and Sébastien Thoen a look-alike of Jean Messiha, far-right columnist and permanent guest of CNews…

The sketch does not pass. Thoen is fired manu militari. A dismissal badly experienced internally.

The football commentator Stéphane Guy will also support him on the air, a noble but risky gesture. Stéphane Guy is fired in stride… after 23 years in the house.

But I told you, there is life after Hurricane Bolloré. In fact, it’s as if Bolloré had played the Streisand effect on Sébastien Thoen.

The Streisand effect, you know, is when you try to hide or minimize information and because of that attempt, that information grows. Well Bolloré who fires Thoen, hitherto little known to the general public, it is Bolloré who offers Thoen a new status: that of mouthpiece for all those who hate the boss of Vivendi. And they are a few.

Sébastien Thoen is not the only one to have regained his health after being dismissed by Vincent Bolloré

There’s almost a lesson to be learned from this: what if getting fired by the Breton businessman was the best thing that could happen to you?

There are those who have won the jackpot. Maïtena Biraben, out of Canal, won nearly 3.5 million at the Prud’hommes against her former employer.

Stéphane Guy, I told you about it a few moments ago: 260,000 euros in damages for “dismissal without real and serious cause”.

And there are those who have returned to the business. Rodolphe Belmer and Ara Aprikian, fired like messy…
Thierry Thuillier, sidelined… Xavier Gandon, pushed towards the exit…

4 fired from Bolloré… 4 who now preside over the destinies of TF1…

You know who that must be funny? Martin Bouygues, big boss of TF1.

In the small world of the CAC 40, it is well known that Bouygues has held a stubborn resentment against Vincent Bolloré… ever since the Breton tried to take control of the construction group in the late 90s.

Talking about revenge would surely be excessive, but it’s a nice icing on the cake, yes, it’s likely.

Sebastien Thoen: the miracle of Bolloré